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Sara Vilas Santiago

A Comprehensive Guide to Notification Design

By Sara Vilas Santiago
Notifications of all types are an indispensable part of digital products, but they should never harm the user experience—they should only be used to assist interactions and boost UX.
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Michael Craig

Pixels of Influence: Breaking Down Persuasive Design Principles

By Michael Craig
There’s a lot for people to consider when making decisions. Used properly, persuasive design principles are a powerful tool for building meaningful products that help people make better decisions.
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Kent Mundle

Home Smart IoT Home: Domesticating the Internet of Things

By Kent Mundle
By adopting the smart home, are we forfeiting the security and intimacy our home—our most personal space—has given us over millennia?
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Sergey Polyuk

Age Before Beauty – A Guide to Interface Design for Older Adults

By Sergey Polyuk
As people age, there are certain physiological and cognitive changes that are almost inevitable. Designers need to understand these changes to effectively master interface design for older adults.
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Miklos Philips

Design Principles: An Introduction to Visual Hierarchy

By Miklos Philips
The theory of visual hierarchy is different from its practical application. More advanced concepts of visual perception are worth exploring because their mastery is key for great visual design.
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Chris Constandse

Personalized UX and the Power of Design and Emotion

By Chris Constandse
Personalization is all about communicating a message aimed directly at the individual user. Emotional design focuses on the overall emotional impact of design choices, including those that involve personalization. Combining the personal and the emotional is where the real magic happens.
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Miklos Philips

Mobile eCommerce Best Practices for UX (with Infographic)

By Miklos Philips
eCommerce sites and apps that are not mindful of mobile eCommerce best practices will be left in the dust and stand to lose billions. But successful mobile eCommerce experiences can be achieved by following these mobile eCommerce UX design best practices (with infographic).
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Miklos Philips

E-commerce UX: An Overview of Best Practices (with Infographic)

By Miklos Philips
74% of businesses believe that UX is important for improving sales, yet billions are lost due to shopping cart and checkout abandonment—when it comes to e-commerce UX, shoppers still tend to be considered last.
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Cameron Chapman

Take It to the Limit – An Overview of Long Scroll Websites

By Cameron Chapman
While infinite scroll has become a popular and common design pattern, there are some potential pitfalls UI designers should watch out for when designing a site that uses long scrolling.
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