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Jenny Shen

Cross-cultural Design and the Role of UX

By Jenny Shen
Bringing a digital product to a new market can feel like navigating uncharted territory. Cultural differences are hard to identify but essential to understanding when developing a localized user experience.
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Jordan DeVos

Heuristic Principles for Mobile Interfaces

By Jordan DeVos
Nielsen’s heuristic principles have stood the test of time and have been revisited to be further integrated with human-centered design for mobile—including clear definitions and design examples.
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Lex Valishvili

Design with Precision – An Adobe XD Review

By Lex Valishvili
Great features and seamless integration with the Adobe ecosystem makes Adobe XD a powerful design tool that competes with industry favorites like Sketch and Figma.
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Leo Foureaux

Sound Advice: A Quick Guide to Designing UX Sounds

By Leo Foureaux
Sound can be easily overlooked in UX design, but it’s an essential element in building impactful user interactions, such as providing feedback for user’s actions and building brand recognition.
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Ondřej Dostál

Better UX Through Microinteractions

By Ondřej Dostál
Microinteractions are single interactive moments in a product that enhance the workflow and make a product more enjoyable. This article highlights key parts of microinteractions and patterns.
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Jamie Teresuk

Designing for Interactive Environments and Smart Spaces

By Jamie Teresuk
Designing past mobile or desktop interaction boundaries and into the physical world opens up possibilities to create immersive environmental experiences.
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Miklos Philips

Boost Your UX with These Successful Interaction Design Principles

By Miklos Philips
Interaction design principles form the bedrock of awesome UX. Truly great interaction design relies on a set of conventions, standards, best practices and rules-of-thumb.
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Miklos Philips

The End of Web Forms

By Miklos Philips
Reflections on the disappearance of web forms. How mobile biometrics could unlock a personal data vault that provides what’s necessary, killing forms entirely.
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