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Calin Balea

4 Steps to Mastering the MVP Development Process

By Calin Balea
In the world of startup products, design resources are scarce. This four-step MVP process helps designers build and launch user-friendly products on time without blowing their budgets.
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Vincent Abou Ghazale

Adobe XD vs Sketch: Showdown 2020

By Vincent Abou Ghazale
Two heavyweight contenders continue to battle it out to capture the top spot for the most favored design tool: Adobe XD vs Sketch. Which tool will rule them all? We explore the differences in a comprehensive design tool showdown.
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Mayank Sharma

Sophisticated Prototypes – Why Use Axure

By Mayank Sharma
In a world of abundant choice, choosing a prototyping tool isn’t easy, and new isn’t always better. When designers want to create feature-rich prototypes, there are many good reasons why to use Axure.
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Cameron Chapman

The Efficient Approach: How to Design a Lean UX MVP

By Cameron Chapman
Think. Make. Check. The Lean UX process works well with the MVP process—Prototype, Measure, Learn. Combining Lean UX and MVP allows designers to create valuable products in less time, with less waste.
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Lucijan Blagonic

Approaching the Website Design Process from the Browser

By Lucijan Blagonic
Some designers are bypassing traditional design tools, going straight to code, building and adjusting designs in-browser, and testing their designs as they would appear to people in real-time.
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Gabriel Kirmaier

The Value of User Testing with Prototypes

By Gabriel Kirmaier
User testing, often confused with usability testing, is an overarching term which helps validate the need for a product. When used with prototypes and the right testing tools, it can help save a product from failure.
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Lex Valishvili

Design with Precision – An Adobe XD Review

By Lex Valishvili
Great features and seamless integration with the Adobe ecosystem makes Adobe XD a powerful design tool that competes with industry favorites like Sketch and Figma.
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Miklos Philips

The Importance of Human-centered Design in Product Design

By Miklos Philips
Human-centered design is about solving problems, not implementing solutions. This guide provides an overview of HCD, a process that ensures optimum user experiences, effortless interaction, and ultimately, business benefits.
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Ben Kopf

Figma vs. Sketch vs. Axure – A Task-based Review

By Ben Kopf
There are many UX design tools on the market, but their capabilities vary. This review examines the effectiveness of Sketch, Axure, and Figma with a task-based comparison.
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