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eCommerce 101: Understanding Shopping Cart Abandonment (with Infographic)

by Micah Bowers

An illuminating infographic highlights ten eCommerce pain points that ruin the user experience and lead to shopping cart abandonment.

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Jobs to Be Done: Turn Customer Needs Into Product Solutions

by Daniel Lee

In product design, the jobs-to-be-done framework is a well-known approach that is designed to deconstruct the "job" a customer is trying to get done.

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Design Problem Statements – What They Are and How to Frame Them

by Jordan DeVos

Even exciting product ideas can flop without an understanding of the user problem to solve. A design problem statement is an essential step in the design process for creating products that truly matter.

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The Value of User Research

by Frauke Seewald

UX designers must understand the needs and goals of potential users, their tasks, and context of use. User research will shape and define the guidelines for creating a product with great user experience.

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How to Conduct Usability Testing in Six Steps

by Jan Roose

User testing is easy and inexpensive and will substantially improve product designs. Insights from observing how people use a digital product are well worth it, as outlined in this six-step process.

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