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Samuel J. Horodezky

B2B UX – Common Obstacles and Attainable Solutions

By Samuel J. Horodezky
Bad B2B UX is everywhere—but the situation is not hopeless. By understanding the pitfalls, and having a strategic user-centered design plan, designers can pave the way to saving enterprise software.
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Alexandre Brito

Tips for a Productive Design Critique

By Alexandre Brito
Design critiques are a key part of the product design process that encourage collaboration and improve ideas. This guide will help designers conduct productive, efficient critiques for actionable feedback.
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Cameron Chapman
By Cameron Chapman
When looking for inspiration, designers should consider what they can add to the work of others. Where can they make it better? More useful? More elegant? More efficient?
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Miklos Philips
By Miklos Philips
Many exciting trends in e-commerce are on the horizon, from AI and AR to chatbots and voice ordering. The future of e-commerce will be shaped by trailblazing tech and savvy UX design (with infographic).
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Micah Bowers

UX Portfolio Tips and Best Practices

By Micah Bowers
This guide shows UX designers how to craft a brilliant portfolio by examining questions about process and sharing practical design tips.
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Miklos Philips

The Best UX Tools (with Infographic)

By Miklos Philips
When having the right UX tools is the crucial difference between having an effective design workflow and one that’s slow and unproductive, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest tools (with infographic).
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Miklos Philips

The Tried and True Laws of UX (with Infographic)

By Miklos Philips
Just as there are cause and effect relationships, there are the laws of UX: predictable outcomes and human behaviors in UX a designer can use to design superior products. This infographic explains it all.
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Daniel Lee

Jobs to Be Done: Turn Customer Needs Into Product Solutions

By Daniel Lee
In product design, the jobs-to-be-done framework is a well-known approach that is designed to deconstruct the "job" a customer is trying to get done.
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Jordan DeVos

Design Problem Statements – What They Are and How to Frame Them

By Jordan DeVos
Even exciting product ideas can flop without an understanding of the user problem to solve. A design problem statement is an essential step in the design process for creating products that truly matter.
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