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Goran Ramljak

Design’s Driving Forces – A Website Redesign Case Study

By Goran Ramljak
When is the most appropriate time to do a website redesign? This case study walks us through a website redesign for a high-end auto company and outlines key issues along the way.
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Nemanja Banjanin

UI Design Best Practices for Better Scannability

By Nemanja Banjanin
Scannability is often an overlooked usability factor, but it is one of the most impactful. These UI design tips make it easy for designers to convert a brief visitor to a long-lasting user.
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Cameron Chapman

Simplicity Is Key: Exploring Minimal Web Design

By Cameron Chapman
Designers who approach minimalist design as being easy are often surprised at the amount of effort, time, and skill required to create a product that can achieve its aims while remaining truly minimalist.
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Jordan DeVos

Designing for Readability: A Guide to Web Typography (with Infographic)

By Jordan DeVos
There’s a lot to consider when choosing a typeface for a digital design. There may not be a formula but designers can use this guide to find and format the right font for a pleasant reading experience.
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Cameron Chapman

Visual Designers vs. Graphic Designers – Who Does What and Why (with Infographic)

By Cameron Chapman
Because graphic design and visual design both focus on aesthetics, the line between the two disciplines is often blurred, especially when referencing digital designs (includes infographic).
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Stan Prysiazhniuk

Shopify Design Tips and UX Best Practices

By Stan Prysiazhniuk
Shopify merchants have achieved more than $40 billion in sales, but with poorly executed UX design being one of the biggest contributors to abandoned checkouts, it’s clear that superior UX can boost this statistic even further.
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Cameron Chapman

Typeface Styles for Web and Print Design

By Cameron Chapman
No matter what design discipline you are working in—whether it’s visual design, UX, or traditional print—typefaces are essential elements of virtually every bit of design produced.
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Alex Gurevich

The Fundamentals of Website Redesign – A Case Study

By Alex Gurevich
Polished design wireframes are great but don't reveal the work that goes into research and content organization. See how a thorough approach to early project planning leads to successful website redesign.
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Daniel Schwarz

Responsive Design: Best Practices and Considerations

By Daniel Schwarz
The market share for mobile and desktop browsing is about 50/50. For designers, this means responsive design is more important than ever, as users expect a seamless experience across all platforms and screen sizes.
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