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Breaking Down the Design Thinking Process

by Cameron Chapman

Design thinking goes beyond the usual problem-solving focus of most UI and UX designers and adds the aspect of deep empathy for the user to the entire product design lifecycle, increasing the prospect of success.

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Dissecting the Intricacies of Typography Anatomy (with Infographic)

by Micah Bowers

The letters used to construct our written languages have their own anatomical features. Here is a collection of lesser-known letter parts that every designer should be aware of (with an awesome infographic).

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UX Research Methods and the Path to User Empathy

by Micah Bowers

How can designers move beyond personal insights to understand the problems users face? We introduce time-tested UX research methods that inspire user empathy and lead to better user experiences.

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Cause and Effect – Exploring Color Psychology

by Cameron Chapman

The use of color in design can affect the emotions and moods of the people. Using colors wisely can improve UX and induce desired behaviors in significant ways.

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Figma vs. Sketch vs. Axure – A Task-based Review

by Ben Kopf

There are many UX design tools on the market, but their capabilities vary. This review examines the effectiveness of Sketch, Axure, and Figma with a task-based comparison.

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Zeplin Sketch Plugin – The Workflow Bridge Between Design and Engineering

by Emily Dubow

Creating a dynamic, organized, and collaborative workflow between design and development teams is essential to building great digital products. This tutorial outlines how Sketch, working in tandem with Zeplin, can facilitate this collaboration seamlessly.

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Prototype with Ease – An InVision Studio Tutorial

by Bree Chapin

Follow this tutorial to create an interactive prototype with slick animated transitions in minutes using InVision Studio, the exciting new free interface design tool.

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The Best UX Tools (with Infographic)

by Miklos Philips

When having the right UX tools is the crucial difference between having an effective design workflow and one that’s slow and unproductive, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest tools (with infographic).

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