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Brutalist Web Design, Minimalist Web Design, and the Future of Web UX

by Pascal Potvin

Web design is changing. Minimalist web design has been the reigning approach for years, but brutalist design is gaining in popularity. Despite its inelegant clutter and raw functionality, brutalist design may be taking over the web.

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Dashboard Design: Considerations and Best Practices

by Stelian Subotin

Dashboards are a unique and powerful way to present data-based intelligence using data visualization techniques. This post looks at the fundamental principles that lie at the heart of every successful dashboard design.

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New Realities: VR, AR, MR, and the Future of Design

by Himanshu Bharadwaj

By leveraging new and emerging technologies like AI, AR, VR, and MR, designers have fresh and exciting opportunities ahead in designing future products.

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Evolving Emojis: Designing for the New Face of Messaging

by Julie Rega

Emojis are universal symbols of expression, transcending cultural and linguistic divides. As technology continues to advance, designers will be the ones to define the next evolution of human communication.

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30 Days of Design – A Branding Case Study

by Ivona Petrovic

We’ve all picked up design projects that required us to deliver outstanding results under severe time constraints. This branding case study breaks down the process of how to accomplish it effectively.

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Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality vs. Mixed Reality – An Introductory Guide

by Tidjane Tall

Despite having many things in common, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality are not the same. Learn the essential differentiators and design considerations for these promising cousin technologies.

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TV UI Design: Working with White Space

by Pascal Potvin

White space is an often overlooked and underutilized element in many TV UI designs. However, using white space intentionally improves comprehension and focus and enhances the user’s experience.

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Future UI Design Without Buttons

by Wojciech Dobry

Why do we still use buttons in our user interfaces? Technology has come so far and offers so many possibilities, there is no longer any reason to force our users to click the tiny rectangles we call "buttons."

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