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These Design Inspirations Can Change How We Read The News

by Kent Mundle

The news industry has experienced a lot of turmoil recently, bringing new strategies that put publications’ online experience front and center, creating tons of opportunities for visionary designers.

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The Art of Stealing: How to Become a Master Designer

by Michael Abehsera

Instead of envying other designers’ work, aspiring designers should look at it as the key to success. Copying work is an excellent way for new designers to hone their craft and improve their skills.

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Vehicle UIs of the Future Are Going to Be Amazing

by Muwuso Mkochi

The state of automotive UI design is widely criticized for being unintuitive, outdated, and unappealing. As a result, designers speculate about how those UI designs will improve in the near future.

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Amazing Travel UIs

by Danielle Reid

From chatbots to swipeable UIs to animations and time-lapse videos, the world of travel and tourism interface design is ripe with excellent examples and opportunities for visionary designers.

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How CrunchBase Should Be Designed

by Andrew Graunke

Despite the widespread use and popularity of the start-up tracker, CrunchBase, there are improvements that could be made to the site. Learn how a thorough UX redesign improves user experience.

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Tutorial: How To Create A Custom Icon Webfont

by Ivo Gregurec

The possibility of embedding a custom font in an HTML website revolutionized the potential of web development. Learn how to create a custom icon font that has many benefits for the user experience.

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Getting Started with Modules and Modular Front-End Development

by Bojan Janjanin

For some people, front-end design and development can sometimes start to seem like a chore, and can be monotonous and time consuming. Through a modular design approach, it is possible to both save time and streamline the design and development process.

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