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The Definitive Guide to Building Apps For Children

by Tanya Junell

With 75% of children under 8 having access to smart devices, there’s a great opportunity and responsibility for digital designers to influence tomorrow’s generations in a positive way.

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Get Inspired with These Data Visualizations

by Kent Mundle

If data isn’t shown properly, it’s essentially useless. No one wants to spend hours trying to interpret data. But clever, interactive, intuitive visualizations can massively differentiate designers.

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Presenting Design Work: The Right Way

by Danielle Reid

The difference between getting the job or not often comes down to how design work is presented. Even great designers can miss opportunities because their portfolio isn’t up to snuff.

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Alternative Housing Lifestyles for Remote Workers

by Kent Mundle

One of the virtues of remote work is the freedom to travel. However, housing can be a challenge. Let's look at a group of housing alternatives that apply to different types of remote workers.

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How CrunchBase Should Be Designed

by Andrew Graunke

Despite the widespread use and popularity of the start-up tracker, CrunchBase, there are improvements that could be made to the site. Learn how a thorough UX redesign improves user experience.

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Top Ten Front-End Design Rules For Developers

by Bryan Grezeszak

Truly understanding design is easier said than done. Coding and aesthetic design require very different skill sets, which is why some front-end developers aren’t as proficient in design as they could be, and the quality of their work suffers for it. In this post, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Bryan Grezeszak explains why good front-end developers have to follow essential design principles down to the pixel, and should regularly seek out advice and feedback from their designers.

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Usability and the Art of Portfolio Design: A Toptal Design Talk

by Darko Stanimirović

Examine how renowned studios such as Ro-Lu use online portfolios to push design boundaries in order to balance both usability and experimentation. Are portfolios an appropriate approach?

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