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How Thinking Like a Designer Can Help Solve Complex Business Problems

By Fanni Csincsak

Unclear expectations, stakeholder disagreements, and conflicting interests can lead to inferior products and unhappy customers. Apply design thinking concepts to your next project to boost alignment and success.

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How to Increase Output and Innovation by Hiring Freelance Designers

By Daniel de Paola

Freelance designers bring diverse skills and perspectives to projects that help clients achieve business goals without exceeding their budgets.

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How to Make the Remote Work Transition With Ease

By Cameron Chapman

A sudden transition to remote work can be challenging. Adopting an iterative approach, maintaining strong communities, and setting up a home office that’s built for productivity are keys to success.

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How to Work Remotely When It Matters Most

By Micah Bowers

Remote work isn’t a novelty, it’s the natural progression of our tech-driven world. We’re sharing nine timely tips for working remotely. Done right, there’s no better way to design.

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Remote Working As a Freelance Designer

By Luboš Volkov

We chat with Toptal Design Lead Lubos Volkov—who’s worked remotely his whole career—about tips and strategies for balancing life, work, and the pleasure of a remote setting.

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Yours Truly, Freelance Design Advice

By Micah Bowers

It wasn’t easy, but you looked uncertainty in the eye and made the biggest bet of your career. Now what? We’ve got an encouraging word for new freelancers and anyone who’s braved self-employment.

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Design Talks: The Pursuit of Value-based Design with Nick Disabato

By Miklos Philips

This week’s guest on Toptal Design Talks is Nick Disabato who discusses value-based design, an expansion of the design process that focuses on specific business needs.

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