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4 UX Tips to Reduce Users’ Cognitive Overload and Burnout

By Rodrigo Perez Estrada

Knowledge workers spend most of their workdays using digital tools. These low-friction UX strategies help reduce techno-stress and increase healthy user engagement.

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Haptics in Healthcare: An Opportunity for Designers to Help Revolutionize Telemedicine

By Kiran Khan

Telemedicine has exploded in recent years, expanding access to healthcare services. But it's missing an indispensable element of medical care: touch. Enter haptic technology.

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Medical Billing Reimagined: A UI/UX Case Study

By Beatriz Garcia de Prado

Toptal designer Beatriz Garcia de Prado explains how she built a digital product to replace the outdated paper forms doctors were sending to insurance companies.

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Vital Design: The Importance of Healthcare App Accessibility

By Amy Oughton

COVID-19 made telemedicine popular—and in some cases, necessary. But many platforms and apps are inaccessible to those who need them most. Designers can change that.

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Expert Designers Leading Healthcare Product Innovation

By Micah Bowers

Modern medical products unburden healthcare providers, improve the patient experience, and save lives. What can we learn from the designers leading this surge in healthcare product innovation?

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