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COVID-19: The Ultimate Design Thinking Use Case

By Miklos Philips

We are living in extraordinary times as COVID-19 continues to cause crises across the world. Could designers make use of design thinking to solve urgent problems and come up with innovative solutions?

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Design Foundations – A Guide to Visual Hierarchy (with Infographic)

By Cameron Chapman

Understanding and implementing visual hierarchy principles gives designers an advantage in creating persuasive designs that convey necessary information while creating a delightful user experience.

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Card Sorting: Better Information Architecture by Aligning with Users' Mental Models

By Micah Bowers

Users shouldn’t need insider knowledge to find what they’re looking for on the web. Card sorting lets designers create intuitive UX by organizing content the way customers do in their minds.

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New Web Order: An Overview of Content-first Design

By Robert Suckley

Designers do not simply decorate, they create an experience of moving through content. There are various strategies available that align the client and team in creating content that will result in better designs.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Information Architecture

By James Pikover

As a standard part of the UX process, designers create information architecture when building products. Learn about information architecture—how designers and product managers build an IA using design principles, as well as IA tools and best practices.

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Dashboard Design: Considerations and Best Practices

By Stelian Subotin

Dashboards are a unique and powerful way to present data-based intelligence using data visualization techniques. This post looks at the fundamental dashboard design principles that lie at the heart of every successful dashboard.

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