Illustrator Job Description Template

Illustrators are responsible for creating images that provoke a range of thoughts and emotions. They use drawing, color, composition, and a long list of digital and analog image-making techniques to capture ideas that cannot be conveyed by photos alone. Along with using paper and pen, illustrators should be highly proficient in digital design tools and they should be comfortable working with high-end screen and stylus pairings (like the iPad and Apple Pencil).

Speed and clarity are exceedingly important in today’s digital environment, where people are bombarded with brand messaging and endless walls of copywriting. Thankfully, illustrators are the key to capturing diminished attention spans. How so?

Illustration has the ability to reimagine reality in a way that is familiar yet delightfully uncommon, and it’s particularly useful when an idea is difficult to explain. Illustrators help businesses stand out in a world of distraction by relating complex thoughts, concepts, and emotions quickly.

Illustrator Job Description and Ad Template

Company Introduction

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Job Description

As our illustrator, you will use your skills in drawing, color, composition, and storytelling to create engaging images that enliven product descriptions, technical data, and key brand messages for our customers.

You will work closely with our design team, creative directors, and marketing experts to generate illustration concepts for print and digital, and you’ll be responsible for bringing those concepts to a high level of polish that elevates our brand.

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You will meet with clients, collaborate with the design team, and take direction from upper management in an effort to create engaging illustrations for print and digital. You will be responsible for generating illustration concepts, executing revisions, and meeting deadlines.

More responsibilities in detail:

  • Design on-brand illustrations for print and digital.
  • Enhance our brand illustration style and actively look for ways to extend our storytelling reach.
  • Gather key messaging points for each project and ensure that all illustration concepts convey the right information.
  • Ensure that all illustrations meet technical requirements.
  • Generate ideas and concepts that are clear, communicative, and engaging.
  • Work collaboratively with other members of our creative team to ensure a consistent, integrated brand perception.
  • Collaborate with a cross-functional team that includes marketers, creative directors, and product managers in order to create compelling illustrations.
  • Stay on top of the latest standards, processes, and trends in the illustration field.
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  • Bachelor’s in illustration or a related field, or significant equivalent experience
  • A compelling portfolio that showcases aesthetic awareness, high-caliber drawing skills, and command of multiple illustration styles
  • A high level of proficiency using illustration tools like Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate, and Affinity Designer
  • A keen understanding of vector graphics creation, including mastery of the “Pen” tool
  • Capable of generating hand-drawn illustration concepts quickly and precisely
  • Able to generate thoughtful and engaging illustration concepts that go beyond 1-to-1 representation
  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to clearly explain creative decisions in words and writing
  • The ability to receive, interpret, and implement constructive feedback from project stakeholders into your illustration work
  • Able to learn new tools and processes quickly and work in a fast-evolving environment
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  • Trusted by: