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At Toptal, you get to work on freelance Immersive Design jobs and projects with top clients who understand the value of elite design talent. As a former lead Immersive Designer, manager, or specialist, you gain the opportunity to design your own schedule, get real-time help from a global community of experts, and enjoy top professional development opportunities.

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Why should you use Toptal to build your career?

At Toptal, you’ll always have plenty of opportunities available to grow personally and professionally. From working with cutting-edge design tools to getting real-time feedback from a global community of top designers, there are always options for creating value for yourself here.

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Grow your career by working with top companies

At Toptal, you’ll choose from projects with industry leaders like Airbnb and NetApp and learn cutting-edge design methodologies and skills.

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Never worry about payments

At Toptal, you set your own rate, always get paid on time, and never have to worry about negotiating with clients or competing with cheap, inexperienced designers.

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Design your own lifestyle

No offices, no useless meetings, and no mandatory hours. You choose your own availability and enjoy the freedom to work from wherever you want.

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Learn from peers and take advanced technical courses

Have a question? Ping the Toptal Slack Community for real-time, on-demand support from a global network of top designers. Want to learn a new skill? The Toptal Academy is designed to help you rapidly learn new skills from your peers.

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Get featured on the Toptal Design Blog

With hundreds of thousands of subscribers, advanced design studies, and frequent syndication requests from top industry publications, publishing on the Toptal Design Blog is a unique chance to show off your top work to the best in the industry.

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Speak at conferences and attend events

Not only will you be able to attend Toptal Community events in cities all around the world, but as part of the Toptal Speakers Network, we’ll also help you attend leading conferences, submit papers, and prepare and deliver keynote speeches.

Meet members of the Toptal Immersive Design community:

Brandon Roth

Boulder, CO, United States

Brandon Roth seems quiet. But when you see his work, you immediately realize there's a lot of volume in there. This stuff is loud. Or sm... Read More

Diana García

London, United Kingdom

Diana is a product designer with five years of experience. She enjoys defining and building products that make a real impact on people's... Read More

Melissa Morgan

Toronto, ON, Canada

Melissa is an award-winning, multifaceted creative with over six years of experience specializing in digital technologies. She has worke... Read More

Damian Simev

Toronto, ON, Canada

Damian is an award-winning designer and art director who focuses on simplicity and aesthetics. His extensive experience and knowledge al... Read More

Takuma Kakehi

New York, NY, United States

Takuma is an interactive designer who has experience designing for the responsive web, mobile app, kiosks, media walls to immersive cont... Read More

Ted Evans

Seattle, WA, United States

Ted has a passion for creative problem solving and has brought ideas to life for companies such as Sony, Apple, Nintendo, Comcast, Intel... Read More

Sandra Woodruff

San Francisco, CA, United States

Sandy is currently a UX Designer at Google on the Cloud AI team. Before that, she worked at some of New York’s fastest-growing consumer-... Read More

Valeria Dorofeyev

Binyamina, Israel

Valeria is a Senior UX/UI designer with 8+ years of experience and over 100+ projects to satisfied clients. Through her career she colla... Read More

See 3 typical Immersive Design jobs you’ll have access to at Toptal:

Top clients, ranging from industry-leaders to rapidly growing start-ups, use Toptal to hire elite immersive designers for their mission-critical jobs.

Senior AR/VR Designer
Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Immersive Design, Interaction Design

Our human resources software company is conducting usability tests for AR/VR. In order to power our next level of growth with new immersive technologies, we are looking for a forward-thinking AR/VR Designer. Key responsibilities will include listening to our user needs, advocating for experimentation, and translating research into interactive experiences in AR and VR. The ideal individual will engage in research and design while thinking beyond the screen.

Virtual Reality Designer
Virtual Reality, Immersive Design, Interaction Design

Our mid-sized gaming company is in the midst of prototyping and implementing new features for our gaming experiences. We are hiring a Virtual Reality Designer with extensive background in interaction design, user experience design, research, and visual design for varying online games. The ideal individual will intuitively grasp key user behaviors and use these insights to prototype and validate product concepts.

Augmented Reality Designer
Augmented Reality, Immersive Design, Interaction Design

We are a large furniture retailer seeking an Augmented Reality Designer to create compelling online shopping experiences. The core role requires turning user insights into engaging and intuitive products for varying augmented reality applications. The ideal individual will work closely with our product managers, marketers, designers, strategists, analysts, and other key stakeholders. Key deliverables will include experience maps, user scenarios, mockups, and flows for augmented reality applications.

Enjoy competitive, worry-free compensation.

At Toptal, you set your own rates and never have to spend time marketing yourself, billing clients, etc. Most Toptalers make substantially more through Toptal than they did at their previous jobs, and we’ll always pay you on time, even if clients have not yet paid us. Never worry about payments again.

Trusted by:
HP Enterprises worked with Toptal to add freelance developers to their team in Israel.
Airbnb trusted Toptal to help hire programmers to support their Berlin office.
Zendesk trusted Toptal contractors to develop their key software applications.
Thumbtack hires software engineers from Toptal for their mission-critical initiatives.
Toptal freelance developers worked with Pfizer to build the iPad application used by their pharmaceutical reps.
NetApp hires software engineers from Toptal for their mission-critical initiatives.

Design your own lifestyle.

At Toptal, you can choose your own schedule and work from anywhere in the world that has Internet. Whether you want to spend more time at home with your family or start traveling and work from exotic beaches, the choice is completely up to you. No offices, no mandatory hours, just complete freedom to work in the way that suits you best.

Join design conferences, advanced skill development sessions, and more.

Not only will you be able to attend Toptal Community events in cities all around the world, but if you join the Toptal Speakers Network, we'll also help you attend leading conferences, submit papers, and prepare and deliver keynote speeches.

Why do top Immersive Design experts join Toptal?

Melissa Morgan

Art Director
Toronto, Canada

Melissa is an award-winning, multifaceted creative with over six years of experience specializing in digital technologies. She works with clients ranging from industry leaders to startups who contract her for expertise in design, VR & AR, entrepreneurship, art direction, and more.

As a designer who naturally gravitates towards tech and AR/VR companies, finding and securing projects I'm truly passionate about can be challenging. Toptal finds these golden opportunities while taking care of recruitment and billing logistics, so I can focus on great client engagements.

Ted Evans

UX Lead Designer
Seattle, WA

Ted has brought ideas to life for companies such as Sony, Apple, Nintendo, Comcast, Intel, Microsoft, Disney, Cox, and Virgin Media TV. He has a passion for creating award-winning designs for virtually any media or platform, including print, live events, broadcast television, web, mobile, and emerging technologies (AR/VR/MR).

For the last few years, I have been immersed in user experience design for emerging technologies, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). Toptal provides the opportunity to connect with quality clients and teams from around the globe to work on compelling and innovative projects. Toptal truly is leading the way in the future of collaboration.

Adam Fard

Product Designer
Vienna, Austria

Adam is a UX/UI designer who has helped international startups and established companies like Samsung,, and Red Bull to define and improve their products experience and design. With his strong marketing background, Adam can design for growth, retention, and conversion.

As a Product Designer, I strive to go beyond the traditional screen-based interactions and principals in my work. Toptal gives me a leg up in finding clients with the right mentality who, like me, want to influence the future of emerging technologies.

By joining Toptal, you’ll have full flexibility over which projects you choose and when you want to work.

Aside from enjoying the benefits of our amazing community, you’ll have full flexibility to accept or reject projects as you prefer. Whether you prefer to work full-time at Toptal or you’d rather just take on occasional hourly jobs, the choice is yours.