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Immersive Experience Design: Expert Insights and Techniques

By Clarke Noone

How can designers draw people into your product’s virtual, digital, or physical world? Take UX to a new level with these expert perspectives on immersive experience design.

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Coliving Trends for the Remote Work Lifestyle

By Kent Mundle

The freedom to travel is a boon to the remote work lifestyle, but finding the right type of housing can be a challenge. Luckily, a variety of coliving spaces now cater to different needs.

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Evolving UX: Experimental Product Design with a CXO

By Miklos Philips

Chris Gibbins, chief experience officer (CXO) at Creative CX, explains how design experimentation can help businesses deliver better products, boost conversion, and increase revenue.

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What Not to Do: The Beauty of Bad Product Design (with Infographic)

By Micah Bowers

Jacques Carelman’s bad product design was wonderfully absurd, but he wasn’t interested in humor for humor’s sake. We’re showcasing an infographic of his wildest inventions.

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The Definitive Guide to Building Apps for Kids

By Tanya Junell

Children today spend an average of three hours a day on digital devices. There’s a great opportunity, and a responsibility, for digital designers to influence tomorrow’s generations in a positive way.

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Home Smart IoT Home: Domesticating the Internet of Things

By Kent Mundle

By adopting the smart home, are we forfeiting the security and intimacy our home—our most personal space—has given us over millennia?

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Cross-cultural Design and the Role of UX

By Jenny Shen

Bringing a digital product to a new market can feel like navigating uncharted territory. Cultural differences are hard to identify but essential to understanding when developing a localized user experience.

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The Tried and True Laws of UX (with Infographic)

By Miklos Philips

Just as there are cause and effect relationships, there are the laws of UX: predictable outcomes and human behaviors in UX a designer can use to design superior products. This infographic explains it all.

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Who Knew Adobe CC Could Wireframe?

By Ivana Miličić

Wireframing is a major step in designing any user interface, whether a website, application, or software product. Apps in the Adobe CC suite can be used to create wireframes for an efficient workflow.

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