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Design News – Innovation from Around the Globe – July '18

Cameron Chapman
Cameron comes from a design background and is the author of two web design books: Color for Web Design and The Smashing Idea Book.

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This month on Toptal Design World News, we aim to help you boost productivity by introducing a slew of new and updated tools tailored to each phase of the digital design process.

Plus, we’re highlighting the elegant design work of Toptal Designer Mikael Kristianslund, who partnered with Konseptdesign to improve user engagement on Huddlestock’s iOS and desktop app. Huddlestock is a fintech startup based in London that won the “Best Fintech Startup” award in the 2017 Nordic Startup Awards.

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Adobe XD CC ↔ Zeplin Integration, Now on Windows!

Adobe XD to Zeplin integration on Windows

Now you can export Adobe XD designs on Windows to Zeplin. Exporting designs couldn’t be simpler, it works the same way as it does on macOS. If you have both Adobe XD CC and Zeplin installed on your PC, you’ll notice a new menu item in Adobe XD. And, by the way, we have a great article comparing ‘Adobe XD vs. Sketch - Which UX Tool is Right for You?’ in case you missed it…

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Whimsical Wireframes – Wireframing at Your Fingertips, Instantly

Whimsical Wireframes design news

Whimsical Wireframes makes wireframing faster with a rich library of configurable elements, smart customizations, and instant access to thousands of icons. It lets you design mockups for any screen size, collaborate in real time, and has built-in features to speed up your design process…

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Handoff – Automated Designer Spec Documents

Marvel Handoff design news

Handoff, from Marvel, instantly generates CSS, Swift, and Android XML for designs made with either Marvel or Sketch. Hand designs over to development with a single URL…

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Figma 3.0 – Consolidate Your Tool Stack

Design news Figma 3.0 release

Figma 3.0 includes a number of new features that let companies and design teams consolidate their tool stack, including prototyping, Styles (with a Team Library functionality), and an “Organization” tier that helps large organizations scale their design management…

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Digital Design Tools – Find Helpful Design Tools

Digital Design Tools new design tools

Digital Design Tools is a curated directory of helpful design tools that can improve your workflow. New tools are being added all the time…

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FlowMapp – A Better UX Planning Tool for Visual Sitemaps

FlowMapp UX tool for sitemaps design news

FlowMapp is a UX planning tool that makes it simple to create better visual sitemaps for your designs. Use it to easily collect, organize, and store requirements for web development…

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Toptal designer showcase

Mikael Kristianslund

Mikael is a senior designer at Konseptdesign and has 8+ years of experience as a freelancer. He has worked with brands such as Red Bull, Samsung, Caterpillar, and Mitsubishi. He specializes in UI design but is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to design. He has a background in business and design, allowing him to create simple, clean, and user-friendly products.

Please tell us about a project in your portfolio.

Huddlestock—a fintech startup based in London—wanted my help to design an iOS app from scratch, as well as improve their desktop app. Huddlestock is a “crowd investing” platform where investors can come together and invest in large funds, essentially democratizing access to financial markets.

Toptal designer showcase Huddlestock fintech mobile app

What was your design process?

This was a very interesting project, as I worked together with the CPO as the only designer and was responsible for the entire design process from research, wireframing, and prototyping to user testing, visual design, and developer handoff.

I started off the project by interviewing existing and prospective users and creating user profiles (personas). In addition, I created a benchmark of similar apps on the market to find what worked well, looking for opportunities for improvement. We conducted an internal workshop with the team to generate ideas for the layout, content, and user flow of the app. This iterative process of wireframing, prototyping (InVision), and user testing (remote user testing at usertest.io) allowed us to develop the product in ever-evolving increments, going from low to high fidelity and the final designs.

Toptal designer showcase Huddlestock mobile app

What was the outcome? What are you most proud of?

Huddlestock won the “Best Fintech Startup” award in the 2017 Nordic Startup Awards, and we received great feedback from customers. Throughout the process, we focused on making the app as fast, frictionless, and easy to use as possible, with a clean design, something the users responded positively to.

Toptal designer showcase Huddlestock desktop app

More about Mikael Kristianslund, Toptal Designer »


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