Denis Zabelin, Designer in Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine
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Denis Zabelin

Verified Expert  in Design


Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine
Toptal Member Since
April 3, 2018

Denis is a seasoned UX/UI designer with over a decade of experience, enhancing digital interfaces for 160+ companies. Specialized in complex web apps, he excels in wireframing, digital product design, and mobile UI, creating intuitive experiences that boost user engagement. Denis' approach merges innovative design with functional aesthetics, focusing on user-centric solutions that exceed expectations and drive business growth.


Work Experience

UX/UI Designer

2017 - PRESENT
  • Developed a website design for a promotional product.
  • Created the company blog design.
  • Designed aspects of a CRM system.
  • Designed the internal materials.
  • Developed and implemented alternative design approaches.
Technologies: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Figma

Senior UX/UI Designer

2016 - PRESENT
Keller Williams
  • Designed an experience for search iterations.
  • Conducted user testing.
  • Created the visual architecture.
  • Developed the visual concept.
  • Designed UI animations.
  • Crafted custom icons.
Technologies: Adobe Illustrator, InVision App, Sketch, Figma, Complex Application User Interfaces (UI)

Freelance UI/UX Designer

2018 - 2108
Redefined (via Toptal)
  • Designed a platform for retirement investing.
  • Created user personas.
  • Designed the user onboarding process based on personas.
  • Developed an emotional and trending layout design.
  • Helped craft the user journey.
Technologies: Adobe Illustrator, InVision, Sketch, Pencil & Paper, Figma

Freelance UI Designer

2018 - 2018
Ezerus (via Toptal)
  • Redesigned a discounter platform for Ezerus' vitamin eShop.
  • Developed an eCommerce design for desktop and mobile views.
  • Crafted a Magento store design.
  • Custom designed the user interface for a responsive eCommerce website.
Technologies: Slack, Sketch, Figma

Expert UX/UI Designer

2015 - 2017
Car From Japan
  • Designed an eCommerce platform.
  • Provided UX research.
  • Built marketplace behavior maps.
  • Designed sketches and wireframes.
  • Created prototypes.
  • Designed polished user interfaces.
Technologies: Axure RP Pro, Sketch, Figma

Lead UX/UI Designer

2009 - 2015
  • Created fintech interfaces.
  • Designed interfaces for Forex investments.
  • Crafted designs for a trader's app's GUI.
  • Created animations for interfaces.
  • Developed HTML animations with video backgrounds.
Technologies: Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Rapid Prototyping, Figma, Complex Application User Interfaces (UI)

Medical Equipment Designer

2007 - 2009
sXray Optics
  • Created the UI for a medical device.
  • Designed graphic materials for medical devices.
  • Worked on the visual architecture.
  • Created educational materials for the graphical user interface (GUI).
Technologies: Adobe Photoshop, Figma

Interaction Design

University of California, San Diego via Coursera


Expert in Interface Design of Medical Equipment

Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute