Lucas de Araujo E Sá, Designer in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Lucas de Araujo E Sá

Verified Expert  in Design


Buenos Aires, Argentina
Toptal Member Since
April 5, 2021

An expert in visual storytelling, Lucas has spearheaded design projects for Walmart, Google, and Western Union. As an art director, Lucas combines graphic design with video expertise to create engaging brand identities, user interfaces, and digital campaigns. His portfolio demonstrates a unique talent for crafting designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and strategically effective.


Work Experience

Webflow Designer

2023 - 2023
Norlantic Capital LLC
  • Helped Norlantic to acquire a visual style, which is what they lacked, and to establish their own identity.
  • Assembled the web page design in Figma for the desktop and mobile versions and designed and prototyped them for offline navigation to understand their functionality.
  • Put together a brand guideline for internal use in which the fonts, colors, use of images, and visual style that the brand should apply to the rest of the collateral materials.
  • Developed the page in Webflow for all the different screens, desktop, iPad, and mobile.
Technologies: Webflow, UI Design, Web Design, Web UI Design, Web App UX, Desktop Web Design, Figma, Mobile, Mobile UI, Mobile Web

Animation Designer

2023 - 2023
Jobworx, Inc
  • Designed videos to portray realistically and abstractly how the client's platform operated. These videos were aimed at providing a comprehensive visual representation of the platform's functionality.
  • Worked on the animations to ensure they could be exported as Lottie files in JSON format. These files boast superior quality while maintaining a lightweight structure.
  • Worked closely with the UX designer to animate each step accurately, aiming to achieve the most precise and fast outcome possible.
Technologies: Illustration, Animated GIFs, Figma, Animation, Motion Graphics, Adobe Creative Suite, Web, Design, UI Design, Graphic Design, JSON, Lottie, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Web Platforms

Video Editor

2023 - 2023
Mastermind Media LLC
  • Watched different videos from the company where the raw material was presented. Analyzed the footage and established an edition style that best fit the target audience and the product.
  • Edited videos following a TikTok style where videos and trending music could mix naturally and in a modern way.
  • Exported videos in different ratios for different social platforms.
Technologies: Videos, After Effects CC, Video Editing, Visual Design, Premiere Pro CC, Social, Social Media, Motion Graphics, UI Motion, Video Ads, Video Animation

Web Designer

2022 - 2023
RRA Capital
  • Handled the redesign of a boutique commercial website.
  • Helped the company find the identity it lacked and needed.
  • Collaborated with the marketing team to establish the brand's visual design and set the colors, image types, typography, and fonts.
  • Designed a fully navigable desktop and mobile prototype in Figma that showcased the page's functionality.
  • Developed the website in Webflow, with a total of six interactive pages.
  • Created a simple brand manual to guide the company on how to apply the new design to different pieces.
  • Built email and social media post templates, digital ads, and videos for the company.
Technologies: Web Design, User Interface (UI), Responsive Web Design (RWD), User Experience (UX), Visual Design, Branding, Web UX, Web UI, Web, Webflow, Web UX Design, Web UI Design, Web Development, Mobile UI, Mobile UX, Mobile Web, Mobile, Adobe After Effects, 2D Animation, Lottie, Ads, Video Ads, Video Design, UI Motion, Motion Graphics, 3D Motion Graphics, Figma, UI Style Guides, UX Wireframes, Style Guides, Layout Design, Iconography, UI Branding, Design Revamps, Revamps, Brand Design, Brand Identity, Animated Videos, Color Palettes

Webflow Designer

2022 - 2022
Plot Learning Limited
  • Handled ongoing website updates for the company's higher education learning product.
  • Assisted in finding and creating its website's visual identity that matched the company's target audience.
  • Designed wireframes and prototypes for mobile and desktop using Figma.
  • Created the website in Webflow using a CMS, which allowed users to build and manage the website. I also included micro-interactions and animations to make the website more appealing.
Technologies: Web Design, Webflow, Webflow CMS, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Landing Page Design, Branding, UX Design, UI Design, Websites, Animation, UI Animation, Motion Graphics, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Illustrator CC, Web UI, Web UX, Web UI Design, Web UX Design, Identity, Identity Design, Visual Design

Visual Designer

2022 - 2022
Picket Homes
  • Established a new design style and identity for a tech real estate startup.
  • Collaborated with the marketing team to establish a visual design for the brand and set the colors, type of images to be used, and typography and font usage.
  • Created a fully navigable desktop and mobile prototype in Figma that showcased the page's functionality.
  • Built the website in Webflow, with a total of six interactive pages.
  • Developed a simple brand guideline with the formal use of fonts, colors, and imagery, enabling the company to apply the new design to different pieces easily.
  • Animated a motion graphic video that presented the product and some of its features with the newly established aesthetic as a video ad for social media.
Technologies: Adobe, Figma, Visual Design, Brand Design, Graphics, Presentation Design, Web, Web UX, Web UI, Webflow, Web Design, Web UX Design, Web UI Design, Mobile, Mobile UI, Mobile UX, Mobile Web, Desktop Web Design, After Effects CC, Adobe After Effects, Animation, UI Motion, Motion Graphics, Videos, Video Ads, Video Design, Webflow CMS, B2B, Ads, Video Animation, Brand Identity, Identity Design, Websites, Adobe Illustrator, Motion AI, Motion Design, Motion Videos, Lottie, Interactive UI, UI Animation, Iconography, Animated Videos, Explainer Videos, Animated Explainer Videos, Color Palettes, Software as a Service (SaaS), Technology Trends

Presentation Designer

2022 - 2022
  • Worked on a fundraising pitch deck and established a new key visual style for the company presentation.
  • Analyzed information and recommended layouts according to the data and distribution of space.
  • Established a new key visual style for another company called Cybrary Group, which was part of BuildGroup.
  • Created a Google Slide presentation for Cybrary Group.
  • Produced different design options using Figma and transferred the new information from PowerPoint to Google Slides.
Technologies: Graphic Design, Fundraising, Pitch Decks, Presentation Design, Figma, Microsoft PowerPoint, PowerPoint Design, Google Slides, Key Visuals

Visual and Brand Designer

2022 - 2022
Ride iQ, Inc.
  • Established a new key visual for the brand for social media content for an equestrian startup.
  • Animated posts, stories, and reels following the new key visual.
  • Established a typology of posts to follow based on the company's content with a design and information coherence.
Technologies: Branding, Visual Design, Graphic Design, Instagram, Facebook, Social Media, Marketing, Figma, Canva, Videos, Video Ads, UI Motion, Motion Videos, Motion Design, Motion Graphics, Animation, Video Animation, Identity, Brand Design, Social Media Design, Social Media Graphics, Marketing Materials, Advertisement Design, Animated Videos

Motion Graphics Designer

2022 - 2022
Voices & Visions Productions LTD
  • Worked on a presentation video and analyzed the script and material for the conception of the annual video presentation.
  • Edited the video to make it consistent with the desired result.
  • Carried out the motion graphics on After Effects, adding transitions and animations over the text and images, showing the year's final results.
Technologies: Motion Graphics, Animation, Videos, Visual Design, Video Presentations, Graphic Design, 2D Animation, Video Design, Motion Design, Motion Videos, UI Animation, Video Animation, Adobe After Effects, Adobe, Illustrator CC, Adobe Illustrator, Animated GIFs

Social Media Designer

2021 - 2022
Campus Crusade for Christ, Inc.
  • Produced Instagram posts that talked about the Campus Crusade for Christ and the different aspects of the promoted GodTools app.
  • Created key visuals, such as graphics and illustrations, for the company to use as social media posts, reels, stories, and ads to promote the app.
  • Developed Lottie format animations for the app, using Lottie files for the final export.
  • Animated videos for different social media requests, including video ads for the app in various formats, later promoted on social media platforms.
Technologies: Instagram, Social Media, IT, Social Media Posting, Social Media Design, Social Media Content, Illustration, 2D Animation, Canva, Figma, Slack, Instagram Marketing, Branding, Motion Graphics, Ads, Video Ads, Video Animation, Posts, Social, 2D Graphics, Motion Videos, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook, Banner Ads, Lottie, Animation, Videos, Animated Videos, Animated GIFs, Paid Media, Social Media Campaigns, A/B Testing, Ebooks, Ebook Design, Webinars

UI and Visual Graphic Designer

2021 - 2022
Carbon Lighthouse
  • Worked with the marketing team to create a clean, modern, fresh identity that better expresses the company's values.
  • Developed digital ads, printing ads, Google Slides shows, pitch decks, promotional materials, and video ads with this new look and feel.
  • Redesigned their old website with this new look and feel.
  • Worked on the UX of the CLUES AI platform consisting of data analysis for buildings seeking to improve their energy efficiency.
  • Established a new UI for the CLUES AI platform in dark mode for mobile and desktop.
  • Revamped their old logo with a new approach that makes it easier to read and structure.
Technologies: Graphic Design, Adobe Creative Suite, Visual Design, UI Design, Google Slides, Adobe Experience Design (XD), Digital Marketing Design, Web UI Design, Presentation Design, Web UI, Web UX, Platforms, Web Platforms, Web App UI, Web App UX, Web App Design, UX Design, UI Development, Mobile Apps, Mobile App UI, Mobile UX, Mobile UI, Pitch Decks, Figma, Websites, UI Motion, Motion Videos, Ads, Video Ads, Banner Ads, Banner, Ad Banners, Pitch Presentations, Social Media, Presentations, Marketing Materials, Advertising Design, Advertisement Design, Social Media Graphics

Brand Designer

2020 - 2022
  • Assisted in creating the visual identity and logo and establishing the target audience. Developed a design system and the look and feel, focusing on a premium market.
  • Designed wireframes and prototypes for both mobile and web devices.
  • Delivered brand marketing materials, including menus, websites, and social media resources.
  • Built the main website and menu templates in Webflow, ready to be used as part of the features.
  • Designed illustrations, layouts, and print materials.
  • Added interactivity by delivering micro-animations made in Adobe After Effects.
Technologies: Adobe Photoshop, Webflow, Figma, Adobe Experience Design (XD), After Effects CC, Web, Web UI, Web UX, Websites, Responsive, Responsive UI, Mobile UI, 2D Animation, Lottie, Logotype, Branding, UI Branding, Brand Guidelines, Brand Logos, Logo Design, UI Motion, Motion Videos, Motion Design, Videos, Video Design, Digital Video, Landing Pages, Landing Page Design, Web Design, Web UI Design, UI Design, UX Design, Web UX Design, B2C

UI/UX Designer

2019 - 2022
  • Assisted companies in finding the key visuals for their brand.
  • Redesigned the Semperti website with a new and modern approach according to their product needs in Webflow.
  • Created brochures, marketing campaigns, and ads for Bayton Group and its subsidiaries.
  • Delivered offline and online campaigns for the Boutelier brand.
  • Led the branding and campaigns for small companies that needed help launching their brands and products.
  • Designed the UX and UI of Sumeria eCommerce and its social materials.
  • Conceived and designed advertisements, animated logos, infographic brochures, and animated videos for Nihon Kohden.
  • Redesigned the IveOne website with a modern and minimalistic approach in Webflow.
  • Delivered a part of the communication strategy of Balling Hockey. Designed communication pieces such as intervened photographs, short gifs, and graphic-designed layouts.
Technologies: Adobe Experience Design (XD), Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Lightroom, Microsoft PowerPoint, Webflow, Sketch, Figma, Web, Web UI, Web UX, Apps, App UI, Web Development, Illustration, UI Motion, Motion Videos, Motion Design, Videos, Video Design, Social Media, Social Media Campaigns, A/B Testing, Paid Media

Art Director and UI/UX Lead Designer

2018 - 2021
  • Guided large companies, including Bimbo, Mercado Libre, Despegar, Bridgestone, Firestone, Western Union, and Walmart, in implementing web courses.
  • Communicated with clients to define expectations and scope.
  • Established the look and feel of various mobile and desktop web courses.
  • Managed client expectations and deadlines for each project.
  • Conceived and designed video storyboards based on project and client expectations.
  • Designed the UI and implemented LMS platforms for different companies.
  • Defined user flows based on client expectations, scope, wireframes, and prototype screens.
  • Created new visual languages and design systems for the product.
  • Led the team of UI/UX designers for web and mobile apps.
  • Animated several storyboards of videos for clients.
Technologies: Figma, Adobe Experience Design (XD), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Sketch, InVision, Adapt, Microsoft PowerPoint, Web, Web UI, Web UX, Web UI Design, Web UX Design, Art Direction, Motion Graphics, UI Motion, Motion Design, Videos, Adobe After Effects, Animated GIFs

UI/UX Designer

2019 - 2020
  • Collaborated with the company in the creation of a promotion and selling clothes app.
  • Researched and established a visual identity for the app.
  • Led interviews between different teams and established short and long-term goals.
  • Defined user flows and UX journeys for the application.
  • Defined a wireframe and prototyped screens for later approbation.
  • Consulted frequently with the client and testing team made it possible to focus on user experience exceptionally well.
  • Managed app testing with different clients to obtain helpful feedback in the prototyping stage.
Technologies: Adobe Experience Design (XD), Web App UI, Web App UX, Apps, App UI, App UX

Art Director

2015 - 2018
  • Consulted with companies in designing and implementing digital courses for mobile and desktop.
  • Led a team of several UI/UX designers for web and mobile apps.
  • Established the general look and feel of animated videos.
  • Communicated with clients who needed an implementation strategy for their platform.
  • Designed and animated several storyboards of videos for clients.
Technologies: Adobe Experience Design (XD), Art Direction, Adobe After Effects, Figma, UI Motion, Motion Graphics, Videos, Video Ads, Learning, Illustration, Web Illustration, Web, Web UI, Web UX, Webflow, Iconography, Animated GIFs

Lead Designer

2013 - 2014
Gráfico y Simple
  • Established the visual identity for the company that wanted to create a unique video graphic style.
  • Designed video storyboards for big companies that needed to explain complex concepts in a modern and graphic way.
  • Led a team of designers and coordinated tasks between teams.
Technologies: Adobe Experience Design (XD), Motion Videos, Motion Graphics, Videos, 2D Animation, Adobe After Effects, After Effects CC, Adobe, Storyboarding, Ads, Video Ads, Photography, Colorist, Animated Videos, Explainer Videos, Animated Explainer Videos
2004 - 2008

Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Design

Universidad Abierta Interamericana - Buenos Aires, Argentina


UX/UI Design

California Institute of Technology


Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Adobe Experience Design (XD), Adobe After Effects, Adobe Lightroom, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Banner, Adobe CC, Illustrator CC, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects CC, Cubase, Procreate, Sketch, InVision, Adapt, Adobe Illustrator, DaVinci, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe InDesign, InDesign CC, Photoshop CC, Premiere Pro CC, Wix, Articulate Storyline, Photo Editors, Canva, Slack


Webflow, Webflow CMS, Adobe Suite, Android, iOS, Web, Mobile

Industry Expertise

Investments, Food, Media, Fashion, Marketing


SAS, Visual Design Language


User Interface (UI), E-learning, Web Design, Responsive Design, UI Design, UX Design, Instagram, Responsive UI, Product Design, Visual Design, Videos, Motion Graphics, Motion Design, Video Production, Video Design, 2D Animation, Web App Design, Motion Logo Design, Web Page Mockups, Website Redesign, Storyboarding, Digital Storyboards, Video Processing, Promotional Videos, Video Ads, Product Videos, Video & Audio Processing, Video Editing, Post-production, UI Motion, Microinteractions, Interaction Design (IxD), User Experience (UX), Wireframing, Prototyping, Web UX, Web App UI, Animation, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Web UI, Web UX Design, Web UI Design, Interactive UI, Mobile UX Design, Mobile UX, Logo Design, Web Development, Mobile Web Design, Mobile Web, Responsive UX Design, PowerPoint Design, Presentation Design, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Digital Marketing Design, Websites, Graphics, Infographics, Banner Ads, Banner Design, Social Media, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Design, Lottie, Social Media Design, UI Animation, Video Animation, Motion Videos, DSLR Photography, Digital, Image Retouching, Creative Direction, Digital Ad Design, Ad Banners, App Design, UX Architecture, Design Systems, Communication Design, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Mobile App Design, Mobile App UI, Tokenization, Token Design, Responsive, Kanban, Dashboards, Web Dashboards, Gamification, Landing Page Design, Mobile UI Design, Cryptocurrency, Mobile UI, Online Course Design, Mobile First, Mobile-friendly, eCommerce, Promotion, App Promotion, Clothing, Sales, Sales Applications, Commerce, UI Branding, Branding, System Design, Printing, Card Design, Platforms, Mobile Apps, Print, Print Design, Print Marketing, Print Marketing Design, Advertising Design, Print Ads, Logotype, Fashion Design, Email, Email Design, Web Animation, PowerPoint Templates, Newsletters, Newsletter Design, Newsletter Templates, Landing Pages, Responsive Layout, Layout, IT, Minimal UI, Minimalism, Redesign, Campaign Design, Ad Campaigns, Social, Instagram Ads, Photography, Filmmaking, Audio Editing, Colorist, Parallax, Brochure Design, UX Branding, Interactive Web Design, Interactive Design, Typography, Dashboard Design, Brochures, Pitch Decks, Creative Design, Paid Advertising, Business Services, WebApp, Data Visualization, 2D, SaaS, Presentations, Digital Design, Mobile Design, B2B, Brand Design, Marketing Design, Ads, JSON, Ad Design, Web Marketing, 2D Graphics, Facebook Ads, Social Ad Design, Digital Publishing, PDF Design, Illustration, Motion & Animation Design, Vector Illustration, 3D Motion Graphics, Animated Interactive Graphs, Asset Design, Collateral Design, Web Illustration, Marketing Collateral Development, White Papers, Multimedia, Pitch Presentations, Direct Mail, Video Presentations, Facebook, Fundraising, Social Media Posting, Social Media Content, Instagram Marketing, Posts, Web Platforms, Web App UX, UI Development, Brand Identity, Identity Design, Key Visuals, Brand Guidelines, Brand Logos, Mockups, Multimedia Design, Sound Design, Apps, App UI, App UX, Learning, Digital Video, Identity, Motion AI, Marketing Materials, Advertisement Design, Social Media Graphics, Desktop Web Design, UI Style Guides, UX Wireframes, Style Guides, Layout Design, Color Schemes, Responsive Web Apps, Iconography, Design Revamps, Revamps, Animated Videos, Explainer Videos, Animated Explainer Videos, B2C, Animated GIFs, Color Palettes, Software as a Service (SaaS), Technology Trends, Social Media Campaigns, A/B Testing, Paid Media, Ebooks, Ebook Design, Webinars

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