Yoshiko Ford-Okimoto, Designer in Berlin, Germany
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Yoshiko Ford-Okimoto

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Berlin, Germany
Toptal Member Since
April 28, 2017

Yoshi is a senior UX/UI designer with a solid hands-on visual design background and two decades of experience under her belt. Throughout her career, she has designed a wealth of products, from personal finance to mobile payment and accounting for a few SaaS products across cloud accounting and customer loyalty. Yoshi worked for many Fortune 500 and Euronext 100 brands, SMEs, and startups.


Work Experience

Senior Product Designer | Global OPI, Enterprise Product Design

2019 - 2021
  • Worked for Wayfair's supplier operations team to design a visionary CX Cloud platform.
  • Solved a complex set of problems associated with eCommerce lead time management and designed an actionable dashboard to increase a profit margin for both Wayfair and partners.
  • Created user stories for Wayfair suppliers' personas based on partner data gathered from the platform.
Technologies: InVision, Adobe, Sketch

UX Manager, EMEA Region

2018 - 2019
Weber.com | Weber-Stephen Products (EMEA) GmbH
  • Played a UX manager role at a US B2C consumer brand called Weber.com's Digital Lab in Germany (full-time employment).
  • Championed the user and customer’s needs using UX empathy concerning the design of Weber products and user needs across the EMEA region (up to 23 countries).
  • Defined quick-win and/or MVP recommendations that can be promptly implemented for an optimal UX experience for digital channels across Weber.com websites and eCommerce in the EMEA.
  • Iterated the solutions with data-driven validations and sprint cycles.
Technologies: Sketch, InVision, Adobe Suite

Senior Product Designer

2017 - 2018
Various Clients (via Toptal)
  • Designed a revolutionary healthcare digital product/platform for the US market.
  • Created an online platform design for a Gmail plug-in. Collaborated directly with the senior executives concerning the product design revamp (UI and branding).
  • Acted as the lead user interface and experience designer for the Gmail plug-in and designed the account setup process and dashboard.
  • Worked on all design processes: UX/UI, visual design, and branding.
  • Managed the design assets and created brand standards along with a UI pattern library.
  • Delivered high-quality design documents: desktop research (benchmarking), screen mockups, and graphic asset package, by adapting both the user and customer-centered design methodology.
Technologies: InVision, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch

Senior UX/UI Designer

2017 - 2017
Leverton (Strictly Confidential)
  • Designed a niche B2B product for corporate clients to efficiently manage legal documents with artificial intelligence.
  • Collaborated in design workflow using the Agile methodology in conjunction with the front-end developers to ensure quick development cycles, validating assumptions, and creating a high-quality experience.
  • Was actively involved in Agile sprint planning and retrospective meetings.
  • Collaborated in the innovative and forthcoming product's squad (a fully autonomous, cross-functional team comprising of product owners, front- and back-end developers, designers, and testers) to release rapid prototypes and beta versions. (Strictly NDA materials.).
Technologies: InVision, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch

Senior UX/UI and Visual Designer (Contract)

2016 - 2017
Startup | NPS and Customer Loyalty SaaS (Prelaunch and Confidential)
  • Established the UX and visual design as the first stage of the online application for a Berlin-based SaaS startup which redefined the market landscape for NPS and the loyalty sector.
  • Worked, as a senior designer, on all design processes: UX/UI, visual design, and branding.
  • Collaborated directly with two founders and CTO on various design projects.
  • Produced the first UI pattern library and introduced the Atomic Design process.
  • Designed their responsive website in three screen sizes and a responsive navigation in Bootstrap.
  • Produced over 2,000 mock-up screens for a core product in three months.
  • Volunteered for the review of UX process and Kaizen presentation for a zero sprint for UX.
Technologies: InVision, Sketch, Adobe Suite

Senior Visual Designer (UX/UI)

2015 - 2016
  • Designed a visually compelling web application and their sales site for a SaaS B2B2C crowd-accounting product.
  • Worked closely, as a senior designer on the design and UX team, with the product team and directly reported to the design lead.
  • Created and maintained UI sticker sheets for the product team using Atomic Design methodology.
  • Developed user personas and user journeys in order to enhance the functionality and UX.
  • Worked for several design-revamping projects in line with the user-centered design with the design lead.
  • Interacted with Agile teams on a daily basis.
  • Was actively involved with scrum planning and retrospective meetings.
  • Designed for an award-winning and the fastest growing online accounting firm in the UK in 2016.
  • Designed work for projects which can be seen at the following link: Gooseinteractive.co.uk/folio-crunch-2016.html.
Technologies: Hotjar, Confluence, Jira, InVision, Sketch, Adobe Suite

Senior GUI Designer (UX) Native App

2013 - 2015
Orange, France Telecom Group
  • Acted as the lead user interface and experience design for Orange’s mobile banking and payment applications for Android, Windows, and mobile web.
  • Worked, as a senior in-house designer, on the GUI on B2C fintech products, NFC, and payment mobile applications.
  • Closely collaborated with software developers in an Agile workflow for multiple products that were targeting Europe and MEA markets.
  • Delivered high-quality design documents: desktop research, screen mockups, and specifications.
  • Ensured that the design mockups met both visual and textual branding standards.
  • Defined and documented design standards when needed on ad hoc basis.
  • Worked for the first micro-payment mobile application for the West African market which impacted thousands positively at Orange.com/en/Innovation/Orange-Mobile-Financial-Services/Folder/Orange-Money.
  • Worked for the first NFC mobile payment product in France at Orange.com/en/Innovation/Orange-Mobile-Financial-Services/Folder/Orange-Cash.
Technologies: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Senior GUI Designer (UX) Proprietary App

2006 - 2012
Orange, France Telecom Group
  • Worked on the graphical user interface for Orange Signature and Hero devices targeting various consumer segments.
  • Handled and was responsible for both the design and implementation of the Orange-branded UI to partners' proprietary software.
  • Directly collaborated with more than 8 vendors’ UX design teams, e.g. Sony, Ericsson, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, and more.
  • Adapted both the user and customer-centered design methodology.
  • Managed and was responsible for the design stakeholder communication and management.
  • Ensured that the graphic assets met both visual and textual branding standards.
  • Attended many business meetings with both internal and external stakeholders.
Technologies: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Digital Designer (Freelance)

2005 - 2006
Aquent, Inc.
  • Worked in various contract and freelance positions at leading agencies in central London, U.K. as a freelancer representative of Aquent Inc.
  • Designed for Freescale Semiconductor's website, and banner ad campaigns for AT&T at Banner Corporation Plc/WPP Group & Young and Rubicam Group.
  • Crafted designs for the Hotels.com website as Ogilvy's primary contact.
  • Was hired by the UK government (Department of Trade and Industry at CTN).
  • Designed email campaign for Telewest, Blue Yonder, and Flextech Television.
Technologies: Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
2016 - 2016

Certificate in User Experience: Research and Prototyping

Design Lab | University of California, San Diego - Online

1989 - 1991

Bachelor's Degree in English Literature with a minor in advertising

Komazawa University - Tokyo, Japan

1986 - 1989

Bachelor's Degree (Equivalent) in Materials Science and Chemistry

National Institute of Technology | Yonago National College of Technology - Japan