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Stripes Light

Stripes Light pattern

Maybe we should call this one “The Light Stripes”.

Made by Aleksandar Velev


Light Grey Terrazzo

Light Grey Terrazzo pattern

A nice light grey terrazzo pattern for your kit.

Made by Ringococo


Light Veneer

Light Veneer pattern

I know you love wood patterns, so here’s one addition to your collection.

Made by Abby


Circles Light

Circles Light pattern

Circles intertwined with a net pattern, this time with a lovely outline.

Made by Wow Patterns


Spiration Light

Spiration Light pattern

Lovely gray circles, intertwined. What more can you ask for?

Made by Monika


Light Gray

light grey pattern

Like the name says, light and gray, with some small dots and circles.

Made by Brenda Lay



Binding Light

binding light pattern

Light gray version of the Binding pattern that looks a bit like fabric.

Made by Tia Newbury.


Debut Light

debut light pattern

Classic 45-degree pattern, light version.

Made by Luke McDonald.


Simple Horizontal Light

shl pattern

Sometimes you just need the simplest thing.

Made by Fabricio.


Light Paper Fibers

light paper fibers pattern

More in the paper realm, this time with fibers.

Made by Jorge Fuentes