Subtle Patterns. Brought To You By Toptal.

452 patterns.

Noise Lines

noise lines pattern

Lovely pattern with some good-looking non-random noise lines.

Made by Thomas Zucx.



pyramid pattern

Could remind you a bit of those squares in Super Mario Bros, yeh?

Made by Jeff Wall.


Retro Intro

retro intro pattern

A slightly more textured pattern, medium gray. A bit like a potato sack?

Made by Bilal Ketab



Tiny Grid

tiny grid pattern

You know, tiny and sharp. I’m sure you’ll find a use for it.

Made by Atle Mo



Textured Stripes

textured stripes pattern

A lovely light gray pattern with stripes and a dash of noise.

Made by V Hartikainen



Strange Bullseyes

strange bullseyes pattern

This is indeed a bit strange, but here’s to the crazy ones!



Low Contrast Linen

low contrast linen pattern

A smooth mid-tone gray, or low contrast if you will, linen pattern.

Made by Jordan Pittman.


Egg Shell

egg shell pattern

It’s an egg, in the form of a pattern. This really is 2012.



Clean gray paper

extra clean paper pattern

On a large canvas you can see it tiling, but used on smaller areas, it’s beautiful.



Norwegian Rose

norwegian rose pattern

I’m not going to lie – if you submit something with the words Norwegian and Rose in it, it’s likely I’ll publish it.

Made by Fredrik Scheide.


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