Subtle Patterns. Brought To You By Toptal.

462 patterns.


absurdidad pattern
Bit of a strange name on this one, but still nice. Tiny gray square things.
Made by Carlos Valdez
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White Carbon Fiber

white carbonfiber pattern
More carbon fiber for your collections. This time in white or semi-dark gray.
Made by Badhon Ebrahim
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White Bed Sheet

white bed sheet pattern
Nothing like a clean set of bed sheets, huh?
Made by Badhon Ebrahim
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Skewed Print

skewed print pattern
An interesting dark spotted pattern at an angle.
Made by Hendrik Lammers
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Dark Wall

dark wall pattern
Just to prove my point, here is a slightly modified dark version.
Made by Atle Mo
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Wall #4 Light

wall4 pattern
I'm starting to think I have a concrete wall fetish.
Made by Atle Mo
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escheresque pattern
Cubes as far as your eyes can see. You know, because they tile.
Made by Jan Meeus
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climpek pattern
Small gradient crosses inside 45-degree boxes, or bigger crosses if you will.
Made by Wassim
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nistri pattern
No idea what Nistri means, but it's a crisp little pattern nonetheless.
Made by Markus Reiter
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White Wall

white wall pattern
A huge one at 800x600px. Made from a photo I took going home after work.
Made by Atle Mo
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The Black Mamba

black mamba pattern
Super dark, crisp and detailed. And a Kill Bill reference.
Made by Badhon Ebrahim
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Diamond Upholstery

diamond upholstery pattern
A re-make of the Gradient Squares pattern. . Download


corrugation pattern
The act or state of corrugating or of being corrugated, a wrinkle; fold; furrow; ridge.
Made by Anna Litvinuk
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Reticular Tissue

reticular tissue pattern
Tiny and crisp, just the way it should be.
Made by Anna Litvinuk
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lyonnette pattern
Small crosses with round edges. Quite cute.
Made by Tish
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Light Toast

light toast pattern
Has nothing to do with toast, but it's nice and subtle.
Made by Pippin Lee
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txture pattern
Dark, lines, noise, tactile. You get the drift.
Made by Anatoli Nicolae
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Gray Floral

greyfloral pattern
Floral patterns might not be the hottest thing right now, but you never know when you need it!
Made by Lauren
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brillant pattern
This is so subtle you need to bring your magnifier!
Made by Carlos Valdez
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Subtle Stripes

subtle stripes pattern
Vertical lines with a bumpy, yet crisp, feel to it.
Made by Raasa
. Download


cartographer pattern
A topographic map like this has actually been requested a few times, so here you go!
Made by Sam Feyaerts
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tapestry pattern
Tiny and subtle. What's not to love?
Made by Pixeden
. Download


psychedelic pattern
Geometric triangles seem to be quite hot these days.
Made by Pixeden
. Download


triangles pattern
Sharp but soft triangles in light shades of gray.
Made by Pixeden
. Download

Flower Trail

flowertrail pattern
Sharp pixel pattern, just like the good old days.
Made by Paridhi.

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