Subtle Patterns. Brought To You By Toptal.

431 patterns.


With a name like this, it has to be hot. Diagonal lines in light shades.
Made by Isaac
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Not sure if this is related to the Nami you get in Google image search, but hey, it's nice!
Made by Dertig Media
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Medic Packaging Foil

8 by 8 pixels, and just what the title says.
Made by pixilated
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White Paperboard

Could be paper, could be a Polaroid frame – up to you!
Made by Chaos.

Dark Denim

Thin lines, noise and texture creates this crisp dark denim pattern.
Made by Marco Slooten
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Wood Pattern

One of the few full-color patterns here, but this one was just too good to pass up.
Made by Alexey Usoltsev.

White Plaster

Sweet and subtle white plaster with hints of noise and grunge.
Made by Phil Maurer
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White Diamond

To celebrate the new feature, we need some sparkling diamonds.
Made by Atle Mo
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Broken Noise

Beautiful dark noise pattern with some dust and grunge.
Made by Vincent Klaiber
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Lined Paper

The classic notebook paper with horizontal stripes.
Made by Are Sundnes
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Gun Metal

With a name this awesome, how can I go wrong? . Download

Fake Brick

Black, simple, elegant, and useful.
Made by Marat.


It's a hole, in a pattern. On your website. Dig it!
Made by Josh Green
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I guess this is inspired by the city of Ravenna in Italy and its stone walls.
Made by Sentel
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Small Crackle Bright

Light gray pattern with an almost wall tile-like appearance.
Made by Markus Tinner
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Looks like a technical drawing board: small squares forming a nice grid.
Made by We Are Pixel8
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White circles connecting on a light gray background.
Made by Mark Collins
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Old Wall

Old concrete wall in light shades. . Download

Light Grey Floral Motif

Lovely light gray floral motif with some subtle shades.
Made by GraphicsWall
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3px Tile

Tiny dark square tiles with varied color tones.
Made by Gre3g
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Rice Paper 2

One can never have too few rice paper patterns, so here is one more.
Made by Atle Mo
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Rice Paper

Scanned some rice paper and tiled it up for you. Enjoy.
Made by Atle Mo
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Love the style on this one, very fresh. Diagonal diamond pattern. Get it?
Made by INS
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Polonez Pattern

A car pattern?! Can it be subtle? I say yes! . Download

My Little Plaid

Repeating squares overlapping.
Made by Pete Fecteau
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