Subtle Patterns. Brought To You By Toptal.

422 patterns.

Lined Paper

The classic notebook paper with horizontal stripes.
Made by Are Sundnes
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Gun Metal

With a name this awesome, how can I go wrong? . Download

Fake Brick

Black, simple, elegant, and useful.
Made by Marat.


It's a hole, in a pattern. On your website. Dig it!
Made by Josh Green
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I guess this is inspired by the city of Ravenna in Italy and its stone walls.
Made by Sentel
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Small Crackle Bright

Light gray pattern with an almost wall tile-like appearance.
Made by Markus Tinner
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Looks like a technical drawing board: small squares forming a nice grid.
Made by We Are Pixel8
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White circles connecting on a light gray background.
Made by Mark Collins
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Old Wall

Old concrete wall in light shades. . Download

Light Grey Floral Motif

Lovely light gray floral motif with some subtle shades.
Made by GraphicsWall
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3px Tile

Tiny dark square tiles with varied color tones.
Made by Gre3g
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Rice Paper 2

One can never have too few rice paper patterns, so here is one more.
Made by Atle Mo
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Rice Paper

Scanned some rice paper and tiled it up for you. Enjoy.
Made by Atle Mo
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Love the style on this one, very fresh. Diagonal diamond pattern. Get it?
Made by INS
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Polonez Pattern

A car pattern?! Can it be subtle? I say yes! . Download

My Little Plaid

Repeating squares overlapping.
Made by Pete Fecteau
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Axiom Pattern

Not even 1kb, but very stylish. Gray thin lines.
Made by Struck Axiom
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Zig Zag

So tiny, just 7 by 7 pixels – but still so sexy. Ah yes. . Download

Carbon Fiber Big

Bigger is better, right? So here you have some large carbon fiber. . Download


Sometimes simple really is what you need, and this could fit you well. . Download

Checkered Pattern

Simple gray checkered lines, in light tones. . Download

Dark Wood

A beautiful dark wood pattern, superbly tiled.
Made by Omar Alvarado
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Soft Kill

Pattern #100! A black classic knit-looking pattern. . Download

Elegant Grid

This is a hot one. Small, sharp and unique.
Made by GraphicsWall
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Floral patterns will never go out of style, so enjoy this one.
Made by Lasma
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