Subtle Patterns. Brought To You By Toptal.

462 patterns.

Rice Paper #3

ricepaper v3 pattern

Oh yes, it happened! A pattern in full color.

Made by Atle Mo



sprinkles pattern

Add some sprinkles to your site.

Made by Rebecca Litt


White Brushed

brushed pattern

Brushed aluminum, in a bright gray version. Lovely 2X as well.

Made by Andre Schouten


Tree Bark

tree bark pattern

This one is something special. I'd call it a flat pattern, too. Very well done, sir!

Made by GetDiscount


Wild Flowers

wild flowers pattern

Tiny little flowers growing on your screen. Nice, huh?

Made by Themes Tube
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sos pattern
I have no idea how to describe this one, but it's light and delicate.
Made by JBasoo
. Download


notebook pattern
This one is super crisp at 2X. Lined paper with some dust and scratches.
Made by HQvectors
. Download


sandpaper pattern
It is what it is, sandpaper.
Made by Atle Mo
. Download

Inspiration Geometry

geometry pattern
This one is rather fun and playful. The 2X could be used at 1X too!
Made by Welsley
. Download


dimension pattern
Don't look at this one too long if you're high on something.
Made by Luuk van Baars
. Download


greyzz pattern
This has Zs in it—must be hot!
Made by Infographiste
. Download


triangular pattern
Dare I call this a «flat pattern»? Probably not.
Made by Dax Kieran
. Download

Pixel Weave

pixel weave pattern
Clean and crisp lines all over the place. Wrap it up with this one.
Made by Dax Kieran
. Download


hoffman pattern
Did anyone say The Hoff? This pattern is in no way related to Baywatch.
Made by Josh Green
. Download


tweed pattern
Tweed is back in style – you heard it here first. Also, the @2X version here is great!
Made by Simon Leo.

White Wall 3

witewall 3 pattern
This one needs to be used in small areas; you can see it repeat.
Made by Luca.

Brick Wall

brickwall pattern
One more brick pattern. A bit more depth to this one.
Made by Benjamin Ward.

Cream Pixels

cream pixels pattern
If you don't like cream and pixels, you're in the wrong place.
Made by Mizanur Rahman.

PW Pattern

pw pattern
Vertical and horizontal lines form some cubes.
Made by Peax.


ticks pattern
Strange lines in all directions. Be sure to check the 2X for details. Download


mooning pattern
The classic subtle pattern. Sort of wall/brick looking. Or moon-looking?
Made by Joel Klein.


squairy light pattern
Super tiny dots and all sorts of great stuff.
Made by Tia Newbury.

Binding Light

binding light pattern
Light gray version of the Binding pattern that looks a bit like fabric.
Made by Tia Newbury.

Binding Dark

binding dark pattern
This works great as-is, or you can tone it down even more.
Made by Tia Newbury.

PS Neutral

ps neutral pattern
This one is so simple, yet so good. And you know it. Has to be in the collection.
Made by Gluszczenko
. Download

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