Subtle Patterns. Brought To You By Toptal.

437 patterns.

Wave Grind

wavegrid pattern
Submitted by DomainsInfo – wtf, right? But hey, a free pattern.
Made by DomainsInfo
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Textured Paper

textured paper pattern
You know I love paper patterns. Here is one from Stephen. Say thank you!
Made by Stephen Gilbert
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Grey Washed Wall

grey wash wall pattern
This is a semi-dark pattern, sort of linen-y.
Made by Sagive SEO
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p6 pattern
And finally, number 6. Enjoy.
Made by Dima Shiper
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p5 pattern
Number five from the same submitter, makes my job easy.
Made by Dima Shiper
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p4 pattern
I skipped number 3, because it wasn’t all that great. Sorry.
Made by Dima Shiper
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p1 pattern
I put the 1 after 2, call me crazy.
Made by Dima Shiper
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p2 pattern
A series of 5 patterns. That's what the P stands for, if you didn't guess it.
Made by Dima Shiper
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White Wall

white wall hash pattern
Looks like an old wall. I guess that's it then?
Made by Viahorizon
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Subtle White Feathers

subtle white feathers pattern
This one is amazing, truly original. Go use it!
Made by Viahorizon
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Sneaker Mesh Fabric

sneaker mesh fabric pattern
Snap! A crisp pixel pattern.
Made by Victor Bejar
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Mocha Grunge

mochaGrunge pattern
You don't see many mid-tone patterns here, but this one is nice.
Made by Joel Klein
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Knitted Sweater

knitting250px pattern
Can never have too many knitting patterns, especially as nice as this.
Made by Victoria Spahn
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Fabric of Squares

fabric of squares gray pattern
As far as fabric patterns goes, this is quite crisp.
Made by Heliodor Jalba
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Cloth Alike

cloth alike pattern
You guessed it – looks a bit like cloth.
Made by Peax Webdesign
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AG Square

agsquare pattern
As simple as it gets: gray lines crossing.
Made by Erikdel
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Slash it

slash it pattern
I have no idea what this is, but it’s tiny and it tiles. Whee
Made by Venam
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Simple Dashed

simple dashed pattern
Tiny lines going both ways - not the way you think, silly.
Made by Venam
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moulin pattern
No relation to Moulin Rouge, but still sexy.
Made by Venam
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Dark Exa

dark exa pattern
Looks a bit like little bugs, but they are harmless.
Made by Venam
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Dark Dotted 2

dark dotted2 pattern
Dark dots never go out of fashion, do they? Nope.
Made by Venam
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Escheresque Dark

escheresque ste pattern
A comeback for you: the popular Escheresque, now in black.
Made by Ste Patten.

Вlack Lozenge

black lozenge pattern
Not the most subtle one, but a nice pattern still.
Made by Listvetra.

Kinda Jean

kindajean pattern
A nice one indeed, but I have a feeling we have it already? If you spot a copy, let me know on Twitter.
Made by Graphiste.

Paper Fibers

paper fibers pattern
Just what the name says, paper fibers. Always good to have.
Made by Heliodor jalba.