Subtle Patterns. Brought To You By Toptal.

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Low Contrast Linen

low contrast linen pattern
A smooth mid-tone gray, or low contrast if you will, linen pattern.
Made by Jordan Pittman.

Egg Shell

egg shell pattern
It's an egg, in the form of a pattern. This really is 2012. . Download

Clean gray paper

extra clean paper pattern
On a large canvas you can see it tiling, but used on smaller areas, it’s beautiful. . Download

Norwegian Rose

norwegian rose pattern
I'm not going to lie – if you submit something with the words Norwegian and Rose in it, it's likely I'll publish it.
Made by Fredrik Scheide.


subtlenet2 pattern
You can never get enough of these tiny pixel patterns with sharp lines.
Made by Designova
. Download

Dirty Old Black Shirt

dirty old shirt pattern
Used in small doses, this could be a nice subtle pattern. Used on a large surface, it’s dirty!
Made by Paul Reulat
. Download

Redox 02

redox 02 pattern
After 1 comes 2, same but different. You get the idea.
Made by Hendrik Lammers
. Download

Redox 01

redox 01 pattern
Bright gray tones with a hint of some metal surface.
Made by Hendrik Lammers
. Download

Skin Side Up

skin side up pattern
White fabric looking texture with some nice random wave features.
Made by Hendrik Lammers
. Download


solid pattern
A mid-tone gray pattern with some cement looking texture.
Made by Hendrik Lammers
. Download

Stitched Wool

stitched wool pattern
I love these crisp, tiny, super subtle patterns.
Made by Badhon Ebrahim
. Download

Crisp Paper Ruffles

crisp paper ruffles pattern
Sort of reminds me of those old house wallpapers.
Made by Tish
. Download

White Linen

linen pattern
Dead simple but beautiful horizontal line pattern.
Made by Fabian Schultz
. Download

Polyester Lite

polyester lite pattern
A tiny polyester pixel pattern.
Made by Jeremy
. Download

Light Paper Fibers

light paper fibers pattern
More in the paper realm, this time with fibers.
Made by Jorge Fuentes
. Download

Natural Paper

natural paper pattern
You know I’m a sucker for these. Well-crafted paper pattern.
Made by Mihaela Hinayon.


burried pattern
Have you wondered about how it feels to be buried alive? Here is the pattern for it.
Made by Hendrik Lammers
. Download


rebel pattern
Not the Rebel alliance, but a dark textured pattern.
Made by Hendrik Lammers
. Download


assault pattern
Dark, crisp and sort of muddy one.
Made by Hendrik Lammers
. Download


absurdidad pattern
Bit of a strange name on this one, but still nice. Tiny gray square things.
Made by Carlos Valdez
. Download

White Carbon Fiber

white carbonfiber pattern
More carbon fiber for your collections. This time in white or semi-dark gray.
Made by Badhon Ebrahim
. Download

White Bed Sheet

white bed sheet pattern
Nothing like a clean set of bed sheets, huh?
Made by Badhon Ebrahim
. Download

Skewed Print

skewed print pattern
An interesting dark spotted pattern at an angle.
Made by Hendrik Lammers
. Download

Dark Wall

dark wall pattern
Just to prove my point, here is a slightly modified dark version.
Made by Atle Mo
. Download

Wall #4 Light

wall4 pattern
I'm starting to think I have a concrete wall fetish.
Made by Atle Mo
. Download