Subtle Patterns. Brought To You By Toptal.

431 patterns.


escheresque pattern
Cubes as far as your eyes can see. You know, because they tile.
Made by Jan Meeus
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climpek pattern
Small gradient crosses inside 45-degree boxes, or bigger crosses if you will.
Made by Wassim
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nistri pattern
No idea what Nistri means, but it's a crisp little pattern nonetheless.
Made by Markus Reiter
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White Wall

white wall pattern
A huge one at 800x600px. Made from a photo I took going home after work.
Made by Atle Mo
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The Black Mamba

black mamba pattern
Super dark, crisp and detailed. And a Kill Bill reference.
Made by Badhon Ebrahim
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Diamond Upholstery

diamond upholstery pattern
A re-make of the Gradient Squares pattern. . Download


corrugation pattern
The act or state of corrugating or of being corrugated, a wrinkle; fold; furrow; ridge.
Made by Anna Litvinuk
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Reticular Tissue

reticular tissue pattern
Tiny and crisp, just the way it should be.
Made by Anna Litvinuk
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lyonnette pattern
Small crosses with round edges. Quite cute.
Made by Tish
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Light Toast

light toast pattern
Has nothing to do with toast, but it's nice and subtle.
Made by Pippin Lee
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txture pattern
Dark, lines, noise, tactile. You get the drift.
Made by Anatoli Nicolae
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Gray Floral

greyfloral pattern
Floral patterns might not be the hottest thing right now, but you never know when you need it!
Made by Lauren
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brillant pattern
This is so subtle you need to bring your magnifier!
Made by Carlos Valdez
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Subtle Stripes

subtle stripes pattern
Vertical lines with a bumpy, yet crisp, feel to it.
Made by Raasa
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cartographer pattern
A topographic map like this has actually been requested a few times, so here you go!
Made by Sam Feyaerts
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tapestry pattern
Tiny and subtle. What's not to love?
Made by Pixeden
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psychedelic pattern
Geometric triangles seem to be quite hot these days.
Made by Pixeden
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triangles pattern
Sharp but soft triangles in light shades of gray.
Made by Pixeden
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Flower Trail

flowertrail pattern
Sharp pixel pattern, just like the good old days.
Made by Paridhi.

Scribble Light

scribble light pattern
A bit like smudged paint or some sort of steel, here is scribble light.
Made by Tegan Male
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Clean Textile

clean textile pattern
A nice light textile pattern for your kit.
Made by N8rx.


A playful triangle pattern with different shades of gray. Download


weave pattern
Medium gray pattern with small strokes to give a weave effect.
Made by Catherine.

Embossed Paper

embossed paper pattern
One more from Badhon, sharp horizontal lines making an embossed paper feeling.
Made by Badhon Ebrahim.

Graphcoders Lil Fiber

lil fiber pattern
Tiny little fibers making a soft and sweet look.
Made by Badhon Ebrahim.