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User Research

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UX Testing for the Masses: Keep It Simple and Cost-Effective

by Ruaridh Currie

UX testing is a crucial step in the design process but is often overlooked for tight budgets or deadlines. You do not need a formal lab to do quality research—just the right tools and a clear plan.

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The Value of User Research

by Frauke Seewald

UX designers must understand the needs and goals of potential users, their tasks, and context of use. User research will shape and define the guidelines for creating a product with great user experience.

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How to Conduct Effective UX Research – A Guide

by Ivan Annikov

Effective user research doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, there are many low-cost methods available to designers, all of which will put a designer on the road to designing better products.

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Net Promoter Score Isn’t Enough: You Need User Research

by Christine Esoldo

Net Promoter Score is a consumer insight method to track customer loyalty, but it falls short in many ways. Applying various user research methods gives a more complete picture of the user experience.

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Designing a VUI – Voice User Interface

by Frederik Goossens

Discover why conversational UIs and voice apps are surging in popularity and learn how to design voice user interfaces (VUIs) for both mobile and smart home speakers.

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Customer Journey Maps – What They Are and How to Build One

by Bree Chapin

Customer journey maps are a visual storytelling tool used to help designers empathize with users and identify actionable opportunities for providing a better user experience.

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Top UX Books: 10 Essential, Non-Traditional Reads

by Miklos Philips

These 10 surprising UX books from various disciplines will broaden a designer's perspective and provide insight into diverse approaches to problem solving.

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Design Process: Is It Objective or Subjective?

by Bronwen Rees

The relationship between art and design is often misunderstood, and although a design outcome can be artful, the process behind it is altogether very different.

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The 5-step Process for Turning a Blog Into a High-conversion Funnel

by Peter Davis

Blog publishers hope to turn their blog into an effective sales and marketing tool. Here are some useful examples that show how to design a high-conversion funnel for a blog and make it a success.

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