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Wearable Technology: How and Why It Works

By Antonio Autiero

The wearable technology revolution is shifting our long-established patterns of how we utilize data in our daily lives and social interactions. In many ways, it’s a lot more personal.

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A Practical Approach to Gamification Design

By Toptal Talent Network Experts

Successful products and experiences offer more than pure functionality. They are designed to engage human emotions and motivate users to forge ongoing interactions that are both meaningful and memorable.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Information Architecture

By James Pikover

As a standard part of the UX process, designers create information architecture when building products. Learn about information architecture—how designers and product managers build an IA using design principles, as well as IA tools and best practices.

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Designing a VUI – Voice User Interface

By Frederik Goossens

Discover why conversational UIs and voice apps are surging in popularity and learn how to design voice user interfaces (VUIs) for both mobile and smart home speakers.

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Creativity Exercises to Boost Your Designs

By Bree Chapin

Here are a few exercises that can help get your creative juices flowing, whether you’re trying to get started on a new project or find yourself stuck in a creative rut.

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The Ultimate UX Hook : Anticipatory, Persuasive, and Emotional Design in UX

By Miklos Philips

Some products prove irresistible because they combine psychological design techniques that create an ultimate UX hook: anticipatory, persuasive, and emotional design.

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Perfect Your UX Design Process: A Guide to Prototype Design

By Judit Casacuberta

Prototype design is a powerful process detailing how designers do everything required to test, iterate, and develop prototypes, beginning with user flows and ending in functional wireframes.

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E-commerce UX: Essential Design Strategies and Principles

By Stan Prysiazhniuk

E-commerce sales are expected to more than double by 2021. E-commerce retailers and designers who pay close attention to user experience and follow e-commerce UX design principles can capitalize on this growth.

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Why Consider a Website Redesign – Tips and Recommendations

By Daniel Schwarz

Redesigning a website is about more than making cosmetic changes; it's about identifying the real issues that the business is facing and solving them with design.

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