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Web Animation in the Post-Flash Era

By Ana Gregurec

Modern web animation technology has matured significantly. However, designers should tread carefully and only add animation to a website if it meaningfully enhances the user experience.

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Are All Trends Worth It? The Top 5 Most Common UX Mistakes Web Designers Make

By Bojan Janjanin

Are the hazards worth it when designers turn into web design trend-chasers? Web design trends, if not considered carefully and implemented with caution, could lead to several common UX mistakes.

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Looking at Ro-Lu: A Usability Case Study

By Darko Stanimirović

How do designers balance a website’s originality with its user-friendliness? Do they retreat to the safety of what is acceptable and risk the design falling flat, or implement a risky but unique design?

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Approaching the Website Design Process from the Browser

By Lucijan Blagonic

Some designers are bypassing traditional design tools, going straight to code, building and adjusting designs in-browser, and testing their designs as they would appear to people in real-time.

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A Complete Overview of the Best Data Visualization Tools

By Cameron Chapman

When dealing with data sets that include hundreds of thousands or millions of data points, automating the process of data visualization makes a designer’s job significantly easier.

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