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Angular 5 and ASP.NET Core

by Pablo Albella

Microsoft and Google have worked together since Angular 2, rendering ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC Razor obsolete. Nevertheless, while ASP.NET’s front-end tools may be lacking, it is still a great back-end framework. In this article, Toptal Freelance Angular Developer Pablo Albella teaches us how to create the best architecture for both these worlds.

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An Angular 5 Tutorial: Step by Step Guide to Your First Angular 5 App

by Sergey Moiseev

Angular 5 is a new version of the Angular framework developed by Google. Angular 5 comes with improvements including optimized builds and faster compile times, but in this Angular 5 tutorial, we are going to build a notes app from scratch. If you’ve been waiting to learn Angular 5, this tutorial is for you.

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