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Juan Varela

Flexbox and Sass Grid Tutorial: How to Streamline Responsive Design

By Juan Varela
Recently, I was challenged to create my own grid system and, since re-inventing the wheel is always useful as a learning experience, I went for it. I knew it would be an interesting challenge, but I was surprised by how easy it turned out to be!
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Tomislav Krnic

Introduction to Responsive Web Design: Pseudo-elements, Media Queries, and More

By Tomislav Krnic
Nowadays, your website will be visited by a wide variety of devices: desktops with large monitors, mid-sized laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more. To achieve an optimal user experience, your site should be adjusting its layout in response to these varied devices (i.e., to their varied screen resolutions and dimensions). The process of responding to the form of the user's device is referred to as (you guessed it) responsive web design (RWD).
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