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ELK to AWS: Managing Logs With Less Hassle

The ELK stack boasts a range of impressive capabilities, but in some scenarios, it can be difficult to configure and maintain.

In this article, Toptal DevOps Engineer Fabrice Triboix explains why he decided to shift to a serverless solution that requires less maintenance and allows for superior scaling.

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Fabrice Triboix

Fabrice Triboix

Logstash Tutorial: Using Logstash to Streamline Email Notifications

Toptal engineer Jurgens du Toit looks at the possibility of using Logstash to regain control of your inbox and make your error emails manageable again, all without changing a single thing in your app.

Logstash can effectively leverage the power of Elasticsearch and Amazon SNS to streamline email notifications and save time.

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Jurgens du Toit

Jurgens du Toit

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