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Juan Manuel Ortiz de Zarate

Ensemble Methods: The Kaggle Machine Learning Champion

By Juan Manuel Ortiz de Zarate
Two heads are better than one. This proverb describes the concept behind ensemble methods in machine learning. Let's examine why ensembles dominate ML competitions and what makes them so powerful.
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Necati Demir, Ph.D.

Ensemble Methods: Elegant Techniques to Produce Improved Machine Learning Results

By Necati Demir, Ph.D.
Machine Learning, in computing, is where art meets science. Perfecting a machine learning tool is a lot about understanding data and choosing the right algorithm. But why choose one algorithm when you can choose many and make them all work to achieve one thing: improved results. In this article, Toptal Engineer Necati Demir walks us through some elegant techniques of ensemble methods where a combination of data splits and multiple algorithms is used to produce machine learning results with higher accuracy.
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