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Mastering 2D Cameras in Unity: A Tutorial for Game Developers

Camera systems are very important in conveying the right atmosphere in video games. When developing games, even 2D ones, advanced cameras should be your tool of choice.

In this article, Toptal engineer Mihai Cozma shows us how to build a modular camera system for 2D platform games using some simple components in Unity that can be easily extended to 2.5D or even 3D games.

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Mihai Cozma

Mihai Cozma

Unity With MVC: How to Level Up Your Game Development

In this article I’ll relate my experience with the popular Unity game development platform and the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern for game development. In my seven years of development, having wrestled with my fair share of game dev spaghetti, I’ve been achieving great code structure and development speed using this design pattern.

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Eduardo Dias da Costa

Eduardo Dias da Costa

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