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Bo Vandersteene

How to Hire Angular Developers: Key Skills and Knowledge to Look For

By Bo Vandersteene
Many developers looking for their next gig claim to have experience with Google’s popular front-end framework. Here, international Angular coach Bo Vandersteene tells hiring managers how to separate the best from the rest.
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Nermin Hajdarbegovic

The Vital Guide To Hire Great Freelance Developers

By Nermin Hajdarbegovic
Technically, hiring freelance developers has never been easier, but don’t lull yourself into a false sense of security. The number of freelance platforms and skilled developers on the market is going up, but so are the challenges associated with finding, testing and selecting a truly great candidate.
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Hyam Singer

Don’t Be Fooled: Calculate the Real Cost of Employees and Consultants

By Hyam Singer
It’s astounding how few business owners properly account for the real cost of their labor. This article presents tried and true methods—including an online calculator—for calculating the real cost of your employees and consultants, enabling you to perform a sound financial analysis when faced with the “employee versus consultant” dilemma.
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Hyam Singer

In Search of the Elite Few – Finding and Hiring the Best Software Developers in the Industry

By Hyam Singer
Effective interviewing and hiring is as much of an art as it is a science. Nonetheless, approaches and methodologies do exist for evaluating the more subtle dimensions of a software developer’s skills and abilities. When used collectively, these techniques yield a highly effective screening process with a proven track record of success. That process is what this post is all about.
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