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Tigran Vardanyan

Clean Code: Why HTML/CSS Essentials Still Matter

By Tigran Vardanyan
In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Tigran Vardanyan covers code styling, essential HTML and CSS practices, and why clean code still matters.
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Raul Jimenez Herrando

Building an Angular Video Player With Videogular

By Raul Jimenez Herrando
Video accounts for more than three quarters of all bandwidth used today. That’s why developers need a solid, extensible, and advanced media framework that doesn’t come with a steep learning curve. In this tutorial, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Raul Jimenez will introduce you to one such framework – Videogular. If you need to harness the power of Angular for HTML5 video, look no further.
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Avinash Kaza

Making an HTML5 Canvas Based Game: A Tutorial Using AngularJS and CreateJS

By Avinash Kaza
There are many programming platforms used to develop games, and there are a plethora of devices to play them on, but when it comes to playing games in a web browser, Flash-based development still leads the way. What if we could port these games to HTML5 Canvas technology and play them on mobile browsers as well? In this article, Toptal engineer Avinash Kaza gave a solution to this.
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Avinash Kaza

Building Real-Time, Multi-Platform Mobile Applications: Examples Using Ionic Framework and Firebase

By Avinash Kaza
This article provides step by step guide for building hybrid multi-platform real-time mobile application using the Ionic Framework and the Firebase.
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Demir Selmanovic

The 5 Most Common Mistakes HTML5 Developers Make: A Beginner’s Guide

By Demir Selmanovic
It's been over 20 years since Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau specified HTML, which became the standard markup language used to build the Internet. HTML5 was supposed to finally solve our problems and become "one standard to rule them all (browsers)". This was probably one of the most anticipated technologies since creation of the World Wide Web.
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Alejandro Hernandez

Polymer.js: The Future of Web Application Development?

By Alejandro Hernandez
A year after Google's launch of Polymer, Toptal engineer Alejandro Hernandez takes it out for a test drive to see if it's yet ready for prime time. This post explores the maturity and stability of Polymer.js as a foundation for large-scale application development. The results and conclusions from this analysis are provided, along with an introductory overview of the technology.
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Tomislav Krnic

Introduction to Responsive Web Design: Pseudo-elements, Media Queries, and More

By Tomislav Krnic
Nowadays, your website will be visited by a wide variety of devices: desktops with large monitors, mid-sized laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more. To achieve an optimal user experience, your site should be adjusting its layout in response to these varied devices (i.e., to their varied screen resolutions and dimensions). The process of responding to the form of the user's device is referred to as (you guessed it) responsive web design (RWD).
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Luís Martinho

From Node.js to Paying Your Freelance Taxes: Interview with a Successful Developer

By Luís Martinho
At Toptal, we’re always looking for the best freelancers around. But what makes a freelancer truly great? Luis Martinho, one of our top developers, is beloved by his clients — so we sat down with him to talk about freelancing, technologies, and paying your taxes.
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