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Eva Bojorges Rodriguez

The Need for Speed: A Toptal JavaScript Coding Challenge Retrospective

By Eva Bojorges Rodriguez
Toptal's JavaScript Speed Coding Challenge invited creative solutions from the beginning. As the week played out, competitors got closer and closer to the maximum theoretical score. Then something unexpected happened...
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Avi Aryan

Stale-while-revalidate Data Fetching with React Hooks: A Guide

By Avi Aryan
Inspired by stale-while-revalidate cache control logic, modern sites implement stale-while-refresh logic on the UI side. Thankfully, React Hooks make this logic painlessly reusable across components.
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Jeremy Greer

Language Server Protocol Tutorial: From VSCode to Vim

By Jeremy Greer
The main artifact of all your work is most likely plain text files. So why don't you use Notepad to create them? Find out how the Language Server Protocol can transform text editors into code editors, without coupling.
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Teimur Gasanov

Lighter and Faster - A Guide to the Svelte Framework

By Teimur Gasanov
Web applications are becoming more popular day by day with stable options like React.js, Angular, and Vue.js. However, a serious competitor may be on the horizon — Svelte. In this article, Toptal freelance software developer Teimur Gasanov introduces Svelte, a new framework for building user interfaces. He does so by walking us through creating a common log-in form used by virtually every type of application.
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Avi Aryan

Introduction to Functional Programming: JavaScript Paradigms

By Avi Aryan
Functional Programming is a paradigm of building computer programs using expressions and functions without mutating state and data. In this article, we will talk about doing functional programming using JavaScript. We will also explore various JavaScript methods and features that make it possible. In the end, we will explore different concepts associated with functional programming and see why they are so powerful.
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Anton Rublev

Increase Code Maintainability With React Integration Testing

By Anton Rublev
Integration tests provide a lot of value considering the time and effort required for testing. React integration tests improve code maintainability, yet they don’t slow down development. In this article, Toptal Software Developer Anton Rublev demonstrates how you can harness the power of react-testing-library to create superior code without wasting time.
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Kevin Bloch

Will JS Frameworks Spark a Front-end Revolution?

By Kevin Bloch
Are Vue.js, React, and Angular actually delivering a good developer and user experience, or are they used simply because they're the current de facto standard? Discover some exciting approaches to web development.
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Stefan Vitasovic

Build a Custom Full Page Slider with CSS and JavaScript

By Stefan Vitasovic
There are a number of ways of implementing animated full-screen layouts with a large degree of human interaction, and many developers would resort to a JavaScript plugin to save time. In this article, Toptal JavaScript Developer Stefan Vitasovic demonstrates how you can do it using nothing but CSS and JavaScript, without including a bloated library or plugin in your project.
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Michał Krakiewicz

Working With TypeScript, Dependency Injection, and Discord Bots

By Michał Krakiewicz
Types and testable code are two of the most effective ways of avoiding bugs. In this tutorial, discover TypeScript best practices while you create a Discord bot from scratch.
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