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Yousof Sharief

Is It Time to Use Node 8?

By Yousof Sharief
Node 8 has brought significant performance and feature upgrades. Should you use it on new projects? Is it worth upgrading existing codebases? In this article, Toptal Freelance JavaScript Developer Youssef Sherif gives a tour of Node 8's biggest changes and what they mean for your project.
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Alexey Karasev

Option/Maybe, Either, and Future Monads in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Swift, and Scala

By Alexey Karasev
If you're searching for the holy grail of bug-free code in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Swift, and/or Scala, look no further! This monad tutorial by Toptal Freelance Functional Programmer Alexey Karasev takes you from category theory to the practical implementations of the Option/Maybe, Either, and Future monads, plus a sample program—in all five languages.
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Radek Ostrowski

The Ultimate ENS and ĐApp Tutorial

By Radek Ostrowski
The Ethereum Name Service is a blockchain-backed alternative to the internet's traditional Domain Name System. If you own a .eth domain, you can deploy smart contracts that let users set up their own subdomains—but then, of course, you'll want a corresponding ĐApp to make it user-friendly. In this tutorial, Toptal Freelance Ethereum Developer Radek Ostrowski provides complete coverage of this scenario, this time with a focus on ĐApp development.
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Alexander Pataridze

Dive into React Native for Android Development

By Alexander Pataridze
Despite initial skepticism, React Native is very much in demand today! In this article, Toptal Freelance React Native Developer, and former React Native skeptic, Alexander Pataridze talks about why he became a React Native advocate instead and introduces us to the technology by illustrating four use-cases.
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Nick Chikovani

Web Scraping with a Headless Browser: A Puppeteer Tutorial

By Nick Chikovani
In this article, Toptal Freelance JavaScript Developer Nick Chikovani shows how easy it is to perform web scraping using a headless browser. Specifically, he provides a Puppeteer tutorial, going through a few examples of how to control Google Chrome to take screenshots and gather structured data.
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Shaojiang Cai

Hot Module Replacement in Redux

By Shaojiang Cai
Hot module replacement is one of the most useful features offered by Webpack. It allows all kinds of modules, including JSON, CSS, and JS files, to be updated at runtime without needing a full refresh. In this article, Toptal Freelance JavaScript Developer Shaojiang Cai demonstrates how to use Hot Module Replacement in Redux.
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Juan Carlos Arias Ambriz

Emulating React and JSX in Vanilla JS

By Juan Carlos Arias Ambriz
Not everybody likes JavaScript frameworks, nor are they always applicable. But even when we don't want to or can't use them, there are some parts that are handy to have. In this tutorial, Toptal Freelance JavaScript Developer Juan Carlos Arias Ambriz proposes a simple way to recapture some of the benefits of using JSX while working in vanilla JS.
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Jeremy Davis

Styled-Components: CSS-in-JS Library for the Modern Web

By Jeremy Davis
While preprocessors like Sass and Less have made CSS development easier, there is still a lot to be desired in this modern age of web development. In this article, Toptal Freelance JavaScript Developer Jeremy Davis explores styled-components—the niftiest CSS-in-JS library.
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Marko Mišura

The Comprehensive Guide to JavaScript Design Patterns

By Marko Mišura
As a good JavaScript developer, you strive to write clean, healthy, and maintainable code. While you solve interesting and unique challenges, you’ve likely found that you’re often writing code that looks similar to the code for an entirely different problem you’ve handled before. You may not know it, but you’ve used a design pattern.
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