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Guillaume Dury

A Kubernetes Service Mesh Comparison

By Guillaume Dury
As microservices architecture continues to evolve, interservice communication has become a significant challenge to manage. Service meshes are becoming the standard solution, but how do popular and up-and-coming service meshes compare?
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Antoine Hamon

Do the Math: Scaling Microservices Applications With Orchestrators

By Antoine Hamon
Automatically scaling container deployments in a microservices-based app architecture is downright luxurious...once it's set up. But what's the best way to tune an app's orchestration parameters?
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Guilherme Caminha

Introduction to Python Microservices with Nameko

By Guilherme Caminha
The microservices architectural pattern is an architectural style that is growing in popularity, given its flexibility and resilience. In this article, Toptal Freelance Python Developer Guilherme Caminha will focus on building a proof of concept microservices application in Python using Nameko, a microservices framework.
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Adnan Kukuljac

Microservice Communication: A Spring Integration Tutorial with Redis

By Adnan Kukuljac
Spring Integration enables lightweight messaging within Spring-based applications. In this article, Toptal Java Developer Adnan Kukuljac shows how Spring Integration with Redis makes it easy to build a microservice architecture.
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Anton Goncharov

Streamline Software Integration: An Apache Camel Tutorial

By Anton Goncharov
Designing systems integration architecture can be a difficult task. And it gets worse if you're designing for software at scale. An enterprise service bus can be one way of working around the challenges. But this is definitely not the simplest of solutions. In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Anton Goncharov gives us a detailed overview of the challenges of systems integration and a guide to addressing those challenges with Apache Camel.
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Dusan Simonovic

Get Started With Microservices: A Dropwizard Tutorial

By Dusan Simonovic
Dropwizard allows developers to quickly bootstrap their projects and package applications as easily deployable standalone services. It also happens to be relatively simple to use and implement. In this tutorial, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Dusan Simonovic will introduce you to Dropwizard and demonstrate how you can use this powerful framework to create RESTful web services with ease.
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Francisco Temudo

How to Set up a Microservices Architecture in Ruby: A Step by Step Guide

By Francisco Temudo
Microservices are one of the latest trends in software design. In a microservices architecture, the classic monolithic back-end is substituted by a suite of distributed services. This design allows better separation of responsibilities, easier maintenance, greater flexibility in the choice of technologies for each service, and easier scalability and fault tolerance. In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Francisco Temudo guides us in a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a microservices suite using Ruby.
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