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Going Real-Time with Redis Pub/Sub

Real-time applications have already started to dominate the landscape of the Internet. With modern frameworks and standardization of the necessary client-side features, building a real-time web application has become a breeze. However, such web applications still pose unique scalability challenges.

In this article, Toptal engineer Mahmud Ridwan explores the architecture of a simple real-time web application that works using Redis Pub/Sub and doesn’t compromise its horizontal scalability.

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Mahmud Ridwan

Mahmud Ridwan

Meteor Tutorial: Building Real-Time Web Applications with Meteor

Meteor makes developing web applications simple. It’s easy to learn, and comes with a pre-built arsenal of powerful functionalities. In this article, we will walk through a detailed tutorial for building a simple real-time web application.

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Peter Rogers

Peter Rogers

Building Real-time, Multiplatform Mobile Applications: Examples Using Ionic Framework and Firebase

This article provides step by step guide for building hybrid multiplatform real-time mobile application using the Ionic Framework and the Firebase.

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Avinash Kaza

Avinash Kaza

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