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Apache Spark Optimization Techniques for High-performance Data Processing

Apache Spark is an analytics engine that can handle very large data sets. This guide reveals strategies to optimize its performance using PySpark.

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Necati Demir, PhD

Necati Demir, PhD

Introduction to Apache Spark With Examples and Use Cases

In this post, Toptal engineer Radek Ostrowski introduces Apache Spark—fast, easy-to-use, and flexible big data processing. Billed as offering “lightning fast cluster computing”, the Spark technology stack incorporates a comprehensive set of capabilities, including SparkSQL, Spark Streaming, MLlib (for machine learning), and GraphX. Spark may very well be the “child prodigy of big data,” rapidly gaining a dominant position in the complex world of big data processing.

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Radek Ostrowski

Radek Ostrowski

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