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Ioram Gordadze

Spring Security with JWT for REST API

By Ioram Gordadze
Spring Security is the de facto framework for securing Spring apps, but it can be tricky to configure. This Spring Security tutorial highlights an efficient JWT solution.
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Igor Delac

Launching a Spring Boot Application Programmatically

By Igor Delac
Starting a Spring Boot application in the command line is as simple as it gets. But what if we want to run our application from another Java program? In this article, Toptal Java Developer Igor Delac demonstrates how you can start a Spring Boot app programmatically using just a few lines of code.
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Nikhil Bansal

Build with Confidence: A Guide to JUnit Tests

By Nikhil Bansal
In an age of continuous delivery, Java developers have to be confident that their changes don't break existing code, hence automated testing. There's more than one valid approach to it, but how can you keep them straight?
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Tomasz Dąbrowski

Using Spring Boot for WebSocket Implementation with STOMP

By Tomasz Dąbrowski
The WebSocket protocol is one of the ways to make your application handle real-time messages. The most common alternatives are long polling and server-sent events. In this article, Toptal Freelance Java Developer Tomasz Dąbrowski shows us how to implement WebSockets with the Spring Boot framework, and use STOMP for effective client-server communication.
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Sergio Moretti

Using Spring Boot for OAuth2 and JWT REST Protection

By Sergio Moretti
REST APIs are used in every language and on every platform. Building a secure REST API is a must-have tool in every developer's arsenal. In this article, Toptal Freelance Java Developer Sergio Moretti shows how to secure a REST API using Spring Boot.
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Alexey Saenko

Spring Batch Tutorial: Batch Processing Made Easy with Spring

By Alexey Saenko
Spring Batch is a lightweight, comprehensive framework designed to facilitate the development of robust batch applications. It’s easy to set up, and even easier to use. In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Alexey Saenko explains the programming model and the domain language of batch applications, using detailed code examples that should help any developer looking to get a head start in Spring Batch.
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Cong Liu

Caching in Spring with EhCache Annotations

By Cong Liu
EhCache is a widely used, pure Java cache that can be easily integrated with most popular Java frameworks, such as Spring and Hibernate. It is often considered to be the most convenient choice for Java applications since it can be integrated into projects easily. EhCache Spring Annotations allows seamless integration into any Spring application by simply adding annotations to cacheable methods without modifying the method implementations. This article focuses on boosting your Spring applications with EhCache Spring Annotations.
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