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Teimur Gasanov

The Best React State Management Tools for Enterprise Applications

By Teimur Gasanov
State management in React has been a hotly debated topic for years, yet little attention seems to be paid to enterprise-level applications and their specific requirements. Let’s take a closer look and compare three of the most popular state management tools available today.
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Luka Onikadze

A Deep Dive Into NgRx Advantages and Features

By Luka Onikadze
NgRx is a popular Angular state management library, but to unlock its full potential developers may require a few new skills. In this article, Toptal Full-stack Developer Luka Onikadze explains why he became an NgRx admirer after starting off as a skeptic.
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Joaquin Cid

State Management in Angular Using Firebase

By Joaquin Cid
Without proper state management, your Angular app will become a UX nightmare. But even with that solved, persisting state across sessions and devices can be tricky. This tutorial shows how to leapfrog that challenge using Firebase.
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