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Computer Vision Pipeline Architecture: A Tutorial

Build a simple, reusable foundation for your video processing apps and alleviate the common challenges of video manipulation.

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Nathan Babcock

Nathan Babcock

Big Data Architecture for the Masses: A ksqlDB and Kubernetes Tutorial

Today’s cloud building blocks empower any size team—even a lone engineer—to build big data solutions. Learn how to use open-source tools to create scalable architecture for your next project.

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Dmitrii Bolotov

Dmitrii Bolotov

Introduction to HTTP Live Streaming: HLS on Android and More

Despite its age, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) remains a widely used standard in adaptive bitrate video and a de-facto Apple alternative to MPEG-DASH.

In this tutorial, Toptal Java Developer Tomo Krajina explains what makes HLS tick and demonstrates how to create an HLS player in Android.

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Tomo Krajina

Tomo Krajina

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