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Pay in, Pay out: How to Create a Marketplace

Shopping online is more convenient than ever, so how do you create an online marketplace tailored to cater to your specific needs?

In this article, Toptal JavaScript Developer Konrad Gadzinowski explores marketplace business models and payment methods for both regional and global services.

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Konrad Gadzinowski

Konrad Gadzinowski

Integrating Stripe and PayPal Payment Methods in Ruby on Rails

Secure payment processing is a key prerequisite for any eCommerce operation. If it fails, the consequences can be catastrophic for any company, big or small.

In this article, Toptal Ruby on Rails Developer Henrique Reinaldo Sarmento outlines how you can create a Ruby on Rails eCommerce app, leveraging PayPal and Stripe for reliable and secure payments.

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Henrique Reinaldo Sarmento

Henrique Reinaldo Sarmento

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