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Gil Vegliach

Freelance Java Developer at Toptal since January 31, 2016
Gil has been working in a variety of technology stacks and knowledge domains for the past 5+ years, ranging from world-scale backend systems to Android apps, and from video platforms to e-commerce websites. In his spare time, he likes to sharpen his algorithmic skill... Click to continue

Dane Knezic

Freelance Java Developer at Toptal since January 21, 2014
Dane has 10 years of enterprise software development experience in both front-end and back-end development. He likes system integration and working in Agile environments. He is originally from Australia, enjoys travel, and has been passionate about programming from a... Click to continue

Silviu Lipovan Oanca

Freelance Java Developer at Toptal since August 29, 2013
Silviu is a software developer with a background of 12+ years at both small and large companies. He has also been working as a freelance software consultant and he enjoys the freedom that the position allows. He is passionate about writing quality code no matter what... Click to continue

Michele Sciabarra

Freelance Java Developer at Toptal since October 22, 2015
Michele is a passionate and well-rounded software and system architect with more than twenty years of experience. He specializes in the Scala language with an emphasis on DevOps solutions mostly using Docker. He loves developing complex systems with DevOps tools whic... Click to continue

Daniel Cestari

Freelance Java Developer at Toptal since April 8, 2015
Daniel has been a software developer for over 8 years. Early on in life, he decided that he wanted to create things. He likes how software applications are things that could be built to make our lives easier. That's why now he builds web and mobile applications, sinc... Click to continue

Michael Tkachuk

Freelance Java Developer at Toptal since August 31, 2013
Michael is a responsible, communicative, creative, and innovative person. He loves when he can get jobs done efficiently and in a rational way. He's always open to new ideas and discussions, and he respects other points of view while always trying to find win-win sol... Click to continue