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Jake Noble

Freelance PHP Developer at Toptal since March 10, 2015
Jake is an enthusiastic and highly skilled PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript developer from Derby, UK. He has been working with websites and web applications for over a decade and has proven his ability to create excellent web solutions for any client. Click to continue

David Smith

Freelance PHP Developer at Toptal since June 18, 2017
David has been working as a professional Software Engineer for over a decade, with a focus on PHP. He has developed production software, configured infrastructure to run highly available systems, and architected applications from scratch. As a result, he is a well ro... Click to continue

Andrew Wallis

Freelance PHP Developer at Toptal since June 9, 2017
Andrew is a highly experienced software engineer who has worked in all stages of software development and been exposed to a variety of projects and team sizes. His forte is mobile app design and development. Andrew has produced a number of iOS and Android apps, and h... Click to continue

Steve Talbot

Freelance PHP Developer at Toptal since March 25, 2019
Steve is a chartered engineer with over 15 years of experience in technical, commercial, and management roles across corporate and entrepreneurial environments. He has run a software consultancy since 2012, during which time he's been engaged as the technical co-foun... Click to continue

Tom Robertshaw

Freelance PHP Developer at Toptal since January 24, 2017
Tom is a seasoned Magento and PHP developer who's been working with the platform since studying Computer Science at the University of Bath in 2008. Since graduation, he's built an agency, giving him extensive experience in entrepreneurship and leadership in addition ... Click to continue

Sam Anthony

Freelance PHP Developer at Toptal since April 17, 2015
Sam has 11 years of experience in web development. He's passionate about creating clean and maintainable code. His main forte is back-end development with an interest in cloud infrastructure and serverless computing. During his career, he has worked in circumstances ... Click to continue