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The average hourly rate for a Vue.js developer is $35-60 per hour.

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Our Range

The hourly rate range reflected in this tool is based on the amounts most freelancers with this skill might earn in the 25th to 75th percentile. This tool also reflects expected rates in the top 10% and bottom 10% as starting and ending values. Several factors can influence your expected rate, including location, experience and competency in the particular skill, track record of success, and complimentary soft skills such as clear communication and leadership ability.

Our Data

The calculator sources information from our large database of vetted freelancers. Data is regularly updated and excludes hourly rates that deviate substantially from the norm.

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Freelancing as a Vue.js Developer

Vue.js, an open-source Model-view-viewmodel (MVVM) JavaScript framework for building user interfaces, is increasingly popular with front-end developers. Vue.js was first released in 2014 as a lightweight alternative to Angular, and features an incrementally adoptable architecture for declarative rendering and component composition. While React and Angular were developed by Facebook and Google, respectively, as enterprise-grade frameworks, Vue.js started as a one-man project, but is still well-suited for building large-scale apps. The strengths of Vue.js lie in its great universality and adaptability for tasks of any complexity, with an easy integration into projects using JavaScript libraries. Vue.js developers can drop it into legacy projects and start using it without rebuilding the whole app from the ground up, and use core web technologies that are quite familiar: HTML, CSS, and plain JavaScript (ES5).

Freelance Vue.js developers in the top 10th percentile around the world can earn a salary of up to $166,400 per year, or an hourly rate of up to $80. As the hiring for freelance Vue.js developer jobs becomes more competitive, Vue.js developers are likely to see their Vue.js contractor rates go up, however this calculator will dynamically reflect current salary data. Other inputs that adjust a freelance Vue.js developer’s hourly rate include remote vs. on-site location, years of experience, and whether the requested client engagement is full-time or part-time.

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How the Calculator Works

Toptal is the largest fully remote network of high-skilled freelancers in the world. We created this tool using our large, comprehensive database of vetted freelancers. Data is regularly updated and excludes hourly rates that fall in the 1-10th percentile and in the 90-100th percentile to remove outliers.

The Freelance Calculator empowers you to see how much you could earn as a freelancer, including what your hourly rate would need to be to match your current or desired salary based on the number of hours you work per week.

Calculations of weekly, monthly, and yearly salaries are determined by a one week unit of measure: hours per week multiplied by hourly rate. By default, values are 40 hours per week and the 25th percentile hourly rate. Monthly salaries are calculated as the summation of 4 weekly salaries, and yearly salaries are calculated as the summation of 52 weekly salaries.

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