Unlock the Power of On-demand Talent

Companies are navigating increasingly complex marketplace dynamics and need to be able to flex to changes that happen now at a near daily rate, yet are frequently faced with decades-old management and hiring practices that can’t keep pace.

For talent, almost the opposite is true. Technology has enabled a level of mobility and flexibility that’s not been possible before. This book provides an overview of the changes in workplace dynamics that are underpinning the move to blended or distributed workforces. In it, you will find strategies for building successful remote work environments that pave the way for rapid innovation and growth.

The organizations that will succeed at navigating these changes are those who are able to embrace the benefits of the human cloud and tap into the ever-expanding talent pool of highly-qualified individuals from around the world. Emerging work patterns such as freelance talent, blended workforces, and on-demand teams are rapidly shaping how innovation happens around the world.

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Michael Kearns

Michael Kearns

Vice President, Enterprise

As Toptal’s VP of Enterprise, Michael and his team help enterprises build high-performing teams with the talent they need, exactly when they need it. Michael has crafted enterprise solutions and built global teams for clients across a wide range of industries through a career in consulting and entrepreneurship, with leadership positions at Thoughtworks, Slalom Consulting, and Accenture. He also possesses a BS from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business.